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 When I first consulted with Dr. John  Panet over my rheumatologic arthritis I was primarily interested in a second opinion.  My family doctor diagnosed me with this condition and suggested that at my age of 42 given my background as a lifetime sleene mason and mountaineer that my body is starting to talk to me.  This part of the diagnosis I was in agreement with, I was however not ready to accept the predicament of rheumatoid arthritis and the use of prescription medication as a cure.  I sought an alternative and wanted to give  naturopathic medicine a try.

 What impressed me right from the beginning  was Dr. Panet’s keen interest in developing an strategy in dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms of my pain in shoulder and elbows.  After thorough examination he suggested to use a combination of acupuncture, electric stimulation of muscle tissue around the inflamed areas and the injection of prolotherapy solution into the attachment  points of the tendon or ligament on the bone.  Latter proved to be the more physical of the  procedures and caused temporary discomfort.  However after the five session with Dr. Panet he suggested to wait for the Prolotherapy to take affect and await for the results.  The next two months left me wondering about the whole procedure since I was still in pain.  It was about three months after my last visit with Dr. Panet that all of a sudden became aware of not being in pain anymore.   Two years have gone by since the my last treatment and I am able to enjoy climbing and working again.  Thank you for making it happen.


Prolotherapy has really helped me.  I’ve had sharp, nagging back pain in my right shoulder blade area stemming  from a rear-ended accident 5 years ago.  I thought I have tried everything, massage therapy, physiotherapy ( 4 different places) an exercise rehabilitationist, nothing significantly helped my pain and I thought  after that I was just  going to have  to learn to live with the sharp, nagging, constant pain.  A friend told me about prolotherapy and after I heard how it cured her chronic pain, I decided  to give it a try.  The first few treatments made me nervous because my back was actually more sore than it had been prior to treatment, but my friend assured me that this was normal and prayed that she was right.   After  the 5th treatment, surprise of all surprises, my back felt better.  Not only did it feel better, but the sharp pain (I’ve likened it to the feeling of having a knife in my back) was not there.  I had not felt that loose and free of having a knife  in my back was not there.  I  had not felt that loose  and free in years.  I was mystified and could not keep the smile off my face.  It’s amazing how not being in pain can lighten and lift your mood tenfold.  In conclusion, at the beginning of treatment, I was skeptical.  I didn't think that prolotherapy would be any different from the countless other forms of treatment I’d tried.  But it was and it is and now, living back pain free.  I couldn’t be happier.

 It was wonderful.  Dr. Panet was very professional and also extremely caring and gentle.  He always stopping to ask how I was feeling and if what he was doing was okay, caused me any pain, etc.  I would recommend him without hesitation.

 I  would say that any price is worth curing chronic pain.

 T. S. , 27 year old elementary school teacher 

Over the past several  years, Dr. John Panet spent many hours working along with me in my office, and I have had an opportunity to observe him apply and refine his skills in treating pain disorders using Prolotherapy.  I would classify  Dr.  John Panet as being most competent and proficient in using Prolotherapy to treat ligaments, tendons, and joints in all areas of the body not only because I have observed him, but also because he has injected me as well, with most positive results.  I have referred patients to him and will continue  to do so with great confidence.              

Dr.    V. J. Pratt, M.D.

Prolotherapy has had an enormously positive affect on me from a physical capability standpoint and has had  an equally positive affect on my mental outlook.     Prior to prolotherapy and over a period of several years, I had extensive diagnostic work done to determine the cause and to try to find a cure for my chronic  lower back pain, ie. X-ray, CT scan, MRI, bone scan, nerve conduction studies etc.  As well I consulted numerous medical practitioners including M.D. s (Shaughnessy Back Clinic, UBC Sports Medicine,  Neurosurgeon’s a rheumatologist, sports medicine doctors and so on)  Chiropractors, Physios, Registered massage therapist, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Kinesioligists Shiatsu, Chinese medical Practitioner  on and on.  I was desperate.  I had gone from a very active person to a sedentary one.  My back was  a mess….. and it stayed that way for five years….until I had the good fortune to be introduced  to Prolotherapy.   Subsequent to prolotherapy my back has recovered 80 percent of  its function.  I’m active again and  optimistic of further improvement.  The gains are real.  I’m  not suggesting prolotherapy is  the great  panacea.  However, I am certain there are many, many people out there whose life quality could be substantially improved if they had awareness and access to t his therapy

                                                                          K. L.

I came to Dr. Panet with several recurrent musculoskeletal problems involving shoulder, neck, back, foot, and knee.  After comprehensive assessment, I received a course of prolotherapy with marked improvement in my symptoms.

Dr. Panet was knowledgeable, communicative, kind and professional. I have subsequently refers patients to him.

Dr. David Goranson ,  MD  CCFP (EM)  FCFP

From the beginning of November 3 to December I had constant sever piercing pain in my neck, left shoulder and arm.  I could not  sit  without slouching , exhausted by 3:00 p.m.  February 13, 2004, I have no pain, no  tingling in the arm and  run between 15 and 25 km every second day.   Marathon on May 2, 2004.  Keep doing what you are doing and make it available to many more people.  Teach people in out lying areas.   Thank you for not just giving me temporary relief but for actually healing me.

Keep doing what you are doing and make it available to many more people.  Teach people in out lying areas.   Thank you for not just giving me temporary relief but for actually healing me.

O. M.

A noticeable improvement was experienced with each treatment.  Pain was reduced, freedom of movement regained and it dramatically lessened that cause/effect on other body parts as muscle stability was regained.   I was impressed with the amount of attention, care  and concern that was given on each treatment.   Administration of treatments were professional and given with greatest care.  More publicity in order to become well known and accepted so that conventional health establishments will  be forced to accept prolotherapy as a safe and effective treatment.  Prolotherapy affected the rest of my problems not just the symptoms.   Conventional treatment offered only temporary relief from pain and freedom of movement.

 D. V.

Initially, I was  advised by my doctor to see a physiotherapist to see if exercises would help cure the problem.  The physiotherapist assigned some exercises to strengthen my lower back;  I performed these exercises for about  a year.  The exercises helped to appoint but the results were only temporarily as the lower back pain kept recurring.  The exercises were not the answer, as it become clear.  I could barely go for a short walk; or  even sit for a period of time; or lay down without experiencing pain.  I had a bone scan done but the results indicated no bone  problems causing the chronic pains.  X-ray and CT scan  were performed,  but again there was no major finding to cause the chronic pains.  My pain persisted; in fact, I hurt my back   four times in the last year just by bruising my teeth from bending over.

             The following treatments were then applied:

              A)   Massage therapy

              B)   Acupuncture

Neither treatment proved to be successful.  Orthotics were the next process to be tried and applied.  The did provide relief, but not total relief, as pain still existed.  The Orthopaedic recommended prolotherapy,  which was taken.  I have made eleven visits for treatment over a four-month period.  During the four-month period, I could feel the back pain begin to disappear, and I was able to resume some regular  activities (going for a walk, work-out, golfing and many more).  My lower back definitely feels a lot  stronger!  The Prolotherapy experience went very well in the office during my appointments; not uncomfortable, though at times, I could certainly feel the needles.  It is now approximately  six months, since I first started the Prolotherapy treatments, and I am very pleased with the results.  In fact, I am walking, sitting, doing some cycling, and completed my first round of golf in a couple years.

The cure was definitely PROLOTHERAPY!!     Susie, age 55

Nice work done!  Prolotherapy makes me jump high when I cross the finishing line.

Prolotherapy totally strengthened  my shoulders and stability in my neck.  Currently doing more therapy on my lower back to strengthen that area in my quest to qualify for my 5th  Ironman and entry into the world championship in Kona. 

I found Dr. Panet to be really informative and explain every aspect of the treatment as we were going along.  He even explained possible after effects for the short term to help me understand the healing process.

Keep up the great work Dr. Panet!   “ Pain is weakness leaving the body”.


Prolotherapy treatments have significantly changed both my symptom patterns and ability to function.  I am a  registered massage therapist/facial therapist and  am very physical with my work and techniques.   With the help of  Dr. John Panet’s treatments I have felt less physically stressed after my work day.   I have tried  various forms  of exercise regemins and therapies over the years, but have found the prolotherapy has had the quickest  and most long and lasting results.   My experience have only been positive.  I was  kept  informed at all times of the procedures used for  assessment and also  for the procedures for the injections.  I have total confidence in Dr. John Panet’s abilities

Natale Rao  R.M.T.  June 2004

Dr. Panet’s prolotherapy treatment has been a “magic” experience for me.  I am a  Paramedic  and I injured myself at work (subluxation to my left wrist with subsequent ligament damage).  At the time, I thought this would seriously affect the future of my career.  After 8 sessions of treatments, I am about 95% pain free and can easily lift patients and stretchers again.   During the treatments, Dr. Panet was extremely thorough, very patient.  He explained to me what he was doing every step of the way. 

All I can say about Dr. Panet’s Prolotherapy is just do it.  It really works.  Thanks for saving my wrist and my career.

J. B.  - Paramedic British Columbia Ambulance Service

Dr. Panet has taken a painful dysfunctional shoulder and improved  it to about 85% functional, with a little pain remaining in less than 8 weeks.    My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s office has been wonderful.

Doug Larden

Prolotherapy has changed my injury from being stiff and painful, to being able to work with freedom.  My experience at the office of Dr. Panet was professional and helpful.  You should continue educating medical doctors of  Prolotherapy.

F. S.

It has considerably alleviated the lower back  sacroiliac pain to attain a comfort level. 

Very professional.  Minimal low short term pain for long term gain.

Prolotherapy experience was very satisfied.

B. G.

I have always  taken  care of my health in  a pro-active fashion.   I exercise at a very high level of frequency and quality carefully choose what I eat on a regular basis.  In addition, since I make my living as a natural products sales representative to naturopathic doctors, I take the highest quality nutritional products available.

In spite of my pro-active lifestyle, I began to experience  increased pain, loss of mobility and joint destabilization, I became quite alarmed.  Since I knew Dr. Panet  as both client and friend, I decided to go to him for my increasingly frustrating  physical problems.   With his expert diagnostic skills, attention to detail and masterful application of cutting-edge naturopathic therapies, Dr. Panet helped me  increased my mobility, physical power and physiological health.    After seeing so many other doctors (including other  naturopathic doctors), I was so greatful  that I finally  began to improve.  I remain healthy, strong, and able to full engage in  strength training.   Thank you John.

                                                                                                                                   In  health,

Andrew Munaweera

Prolotherapy allows me to be able to function where no other treatment has relieved my pain.  Prolotherapy has eliminated headaches, shoulder pain, and back problems.  Excellent, Dr. Panet is very professional and has very good bedside manner.  I  enjoyed my experience with prolotherapy and acknowledge that Dr. Panet takes the time to explain what he is doing and why I am experiencing the pain.

 K. J.

I have gone from chronic debilitating pain to 98% pain free.    All my questions and concerns were answered so I felt comfortable with and knowledgeable about the  treatment.

 G.  P.

After my prolotherapy treatment, I have more freedom in my ability to function excellent.  I feel confident, no improvement is needed.

J. S.

I was in pain for about eight months with an inflamed disc in my lower back. It would knot up every time I stood up from sitting or lying down with a sharp pain shooting down my leg. I am a very active person playing indoor soccer and weightlifting 4 times a week and not being able to do these things was very frustrating.

I was taking anti inflammatory and pain killers from various doctors which only masked the pain. I also tried various treatments of physiotherapy and acupuncture during this eight month time and felt as if the healing process was not happening or was at an extremely slow rate.

Dr. Panet was highly recommended by a friend I work with. It’s now been about 6 weeks of Prolotherapy and I’m back in the gym 3-4 days a week. With every visit I’ve had tremendous improvement. I am very pleased with the results and in the time it took to start healing. Thank you very much!

Shawn L.

My Testimony for Prolo Therapy.

My name is Peter, I’m 47 years old. I’ve been involved in dynamic sports ever since I could remember. Injuries were always part of the game and healed quickly when younger, but as I got older, the down time got longer and longer. Interventions such as surgery, physio, and drugs all helped in getting back on track, but now these interventions were not working as well for me any more. Injuries were more frequent and wouldn’t heal. Through medical diagnosis, my ligaments are stretched and are not returning to their normal state of function thus my body not returning to its normal state of function. Ever since I’ve started prolo treatments, my body is all coming together. I’ve had shoulder, neck, knee, ankle, achilles and now, spinal treatments. I’ve had ligament damage ranging from most recently to ten years ago, that are now getting back to normality because of prolo treatments. Results were very quick, usually from one week to three months.

Once I tried prolo and got astounding results, there was no turning back. I have full confidence in the skill and vast knowledge of Dr. John Panet, and recommend his expertise to any one.

Personally, I know I’ll be back doing all the sports I like to do, sooner, better, and feeling no pain.

 Thanks John……Sincerely,

  Peter G.

Prolotherapy has been a Godsend for me. I was referred to Dr Panet after suffering with many soft tissue injuries. Mainly repetitive and work related stress, and also posture and misalignment. What impressed me and set Dr Panet apart from other medical personnel is he didn’t dwell too much on how injuries occurred and then not help. Rather, he jumped right into the healing once he knew the problem. My shoulder capsule had felt like frayed rope which in turn threw out the alignment of my collarbone, torn cartilage. Then painful costochondritis began in the ribs… I have been helped hugely by Dr Panet's work in healing the tendons around the shoulder. This area has never felt better since all this problem began over 3 years ago, and I’ve now had about 4 months of healing. The rib area still needs more time but is already 80% better. Dr Panet was my last hope as other doctors said these injuries don't heal, and recommended taking anti-inflammatory medication.

 I’ve also had knee surgeries & prolonged working on a previously bad knee among other things, which caused tears in my hip ligaments and back strain in the SI joint. The hip/leg area felt loose and there would be grinding feelings quite deep. The worse left side has had a couple prolo injections and it feels a lot better.

This has definitely given me new repair of tissue; my shoulder feels normal and the collarbone is correcting its location. I’ve also had a single treatment in my wrist, which has healed tendonitis there, one of the most impressive.

Thanks so much for restoring my injured joints, and giving me hope that I wouldn’t continue to deteriorate.

 Martin C

I no longer support my head with my hands,  rather my muscles are doing their job again!!.  Fantastic!    Dr. Panet is incredibly thorough, careful and precise thus inspiring confidence and trust.


Thank you! Over  2 years after the accident, I’m finally enjoying some consistent improvement.   The benefits are wonderful.


C. M.

Symptoms no longer exist.  Ability to function has improved 200%  -more energy,!! more movement!!, and feel 10 years younger!!.  The injections were so easy to get over more of a surprise than anything to fear.

The injections were so easy to get over more of a surprise than anything to fear.  I don’t know how you can improved  your technique is excellent.  I find the whole process rather painless and actually look forward to them because I know it works and it has form so far no sign of the previous pain.  



Francis Mar

I’d been having shoulder pain for a year and tried all modalities of treatment, nothing work until prolotherapy.  After one treatment, I was pain free.  It was amazing.


Terrific, I would highly recommend  Dr. Panet…….


W.  T.

I now have full use of my shoulder.  Prior to Prolotherapy, my range of motion was very limited.  I have no complaints regarding my experiences.


L. D. , June, 2004

I used to get headaches and back pain almost everyday.  Now I have about 1 headache a week.  I can spend time  playing with my 3 years old son.

Dr. Panet is very good.   He is very helpful and explain things very well.  He is very kind.

H.H.  May 2004

Feeling of looseness and pain has  disappeared.  Dr. Panet is very professional, knowledgeable.  It has been three months now since  3x ankle, 3x knee, and 1x hip with no return of symptoms.

D. W.


I can easily do exercises that I would not have attempted previously.  I also don’t have to have to scramble to support my back every time I sneeze (it used to be able to put my back out).  Prolotherapy has been part of a broader treatment regimen, which has increased my energy and allowed me to enjoy life more fully.

Dr. Panet has been very accommodating to my fear of needles, and the fear has diminished a great deal over the course of treatment.  He has been gentle and appreciated with his willingness to explain what he is doing and why, as well as to answer all of my questions.  It is very helpful to understand what is happening. 

I really have no complaints:  You’re good at your job.



The pain has pretty much gone and I'm able to function normally.   Dr. Panet was excellent and makes you fell comfortable and assesses your needs in a very professional manner.  My experience was very positive.

F.  R.

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