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May 19, 2006
  I have suffered from quite intense chronic pain in my back and neck for over twenty years.

I am 43 years old and lead a very active lifestyle – I ski, snowboard, mountain bike, mountaineer and surf. I also operate my own import business and travel all over the world.

Chronic pain is exhausting and a real killer of energy and vitality – something that both my leisure and business life requires a lot of.

I have sought answers to this pain for many years and have been told that I have wear and tear osteoarthritis and disc problems from so much activity. The conventional medial community simply told me that I was getting old and that the only solution was to pump myself full of anti-inflammatory medication and take it easier on myself.

Over the years I have tried a variety of ‘alternative’ approaches to the pain such as acupuncture, rolfing, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic – all offering some relief but nothing really substantial and long term.

A few months ago I stumbled on a website for Prolotherapy which caught my attention and I then found Dr. Panet here in Vancouver on the internet.

I made an appointment with him with the intention of giving yet another treatment a try but without any particular great expectations.

A few days after the 1st treatment I found the pain symptoms in the area that Dr. Panet had worked had decreased considerably. However anyone with chronic pain knows that symptoms often come and go in intensity so I was only mildly optimistic at this time.

Over time and several treatments the symptoms continued to improve and did not return.

So far after several months I have had a 70-80% improvement in the symptoms - I have never before had even close to a period of time this long where my symptoms have been this reduced.

This reduction in pain has had a cascading effect as I have more energy now to pursue both professional and recreational interests. Less pain = more energy and a better feeling about life.

Dr. Panet has worked miracles with the Prolotherapy for me but he also takes a multidisciplinary approach and is able to incorporate other treatment approaches – in fact he was also able to help me get through a particularly stressful time in my life using some of his other naturopathic skills.

This is the kind of treatment, attention and results that I was never able to get out of the conventional medical community and I am very glad that I have found Dr. Panet.

I plan on continuing on with the treatment and am hoping for continued improvement. However, even as it stands now, no other treatment has ever come even close to the results of Prolotherapy.

Hal H.
Vancouver, B.C.

                                                                                                                         Jan 19 th,2006

I first came to Dr. Panet with extreme neck, upper and mid-back pain, along with chronic low back and shoulder pain. I had problems with my pelvis constantly “slipping” out of place, which caused a lot of stress on my low back as well.  I also have TMJ problems, which will be treated once we get my back and neck in order.  I have lived with chronic pain for approximately 20 years and tried many different treatments, traditional and non-traditional; none of which gave me significant relief.  I would have to say that Prolotherapy is one of the most encouraging treatments I have had, as I always see some progress with each visit.

After my first treatment, I had immediate improvement in my neck and upper back pain.  I had been living with a gnawing pain in my right rhomboid area for over 15 years, and that has all but disappeared; this got very irritated when I was at work, as I use a mouse for a good part of the day.  I have seen a big change in that aspect, and was able to function better at work almost immediately.  My neck pain is not as severe, my mid-back pain is much better, and my pelvis does not “slip” out of place any more; that is the one thing my physiotherapist really noticed after my fourth treatment.  For the first time in years, my leg length stays the same, and we have not had to deal with my pelvis at all.  I still suffer from low back pain, but have just had an MRI and determined that there are a lot of issues I was not aware of until now.  When I arrived for my appointment in January, 2006, I had been unable to bend down to tie my boots for a couple of weeks.  In less than two days after having my treatment, I could bend over, touch the floor, and tie my boots with no problem. 

Right from the start, I found Dr. Panet to be extremely calm, encouraging, informative and always willing to explain anything that comes along.  While most of my treatments have been fairly painless, when my low back is extremely irritated, I do suffer more, but only during the actual treatment.  Dr. Panet and his staff have been very accommodating to me, as I live in the West Kootenays and travel to Vancouver for my treatments. 

I can’t think of anything that could be improved!

Other comments – When I first heard about Prolotherapy from a local athlete who had had success with it, I did a little research and found out about Dr. Panet.  I emailed him with some questions, and was pleasantly surprised to get not only an email response, but also a telephone call.  He took a lot of my history by phone, and after a lengthy discussion, he felt he would definitely be able to improve my chronic pain.  I very much appreciated the fact that I did not have to go all the way to Vancouver to spend a whole appointment chatting about past history.  After speaking with him, I faxed most of my health history down ahead of time, and was able to have a very extensive treatment on my very first visit.

Dr. Panet is a very important party of my “health care team”, and Prolotherapy is something I would recommend that anyone try.  At one time, I was the world’s biggest skeptic, but after so many years of chronic pain, you learn to try anything that is offered; you never know what’s going to work!

Rossland  B.C.

                                                                                                                      Jan 10, 2006

I've played sports all my life. Hockey,lacrosse and ball hockey.  I have lifted weights since I was 12 and enjoy long distance running for the past several years. I've never had a serious injury besides the odd broken bone from being a kid. I guess you can say I was pretty lucky as a kid.

I have been a professional firefighter for Delta Fire Dept in British Columbia  since the beginning of 2001. Fairly dangerous and injury prone job.  Since becoming a firefighter I have competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge. I have been to 5 National Championships and 5 World Championships finishing as high as 7th in both competitions.

 Just recently while out for an easy game of pick up hockey, I went hard into the boards and tore my MCL in my knee. I tore it in the middle of the ligament as well as where the ligament attaches to the hamstring and to the quadricep muscle. Fairly significant injury. This was early April. I went to 5 doctors who all told me I would be fine in 6 months and to go back to work. So basically run into potentially life threatening situations with one leg. A friend ,and client of Dr. Panets, gave me his number and told me I had to try out prolo therapy.

So the 6th Doctor I end up seeing is Dr Panet. Out of 6 people that I saw for my injury he was the only Dr. that sounded like he knew what he was talking about. It seems to take an athlete to understand how to treat an athlete. I received some therapy and headed out on my way. The next day  my knee was considerably more stable and I had a lot more confidence  in it.While it does take several weeks for the therapy to run its course it gave me a glimpse of hope without surgery. I received 3 more sessions of prolo therapy through Dr. Panet . We stopped in July so I could get ready to race at Nationals in September and Worlds in December. I have just finished World Championships and was thrilled with how my knee held up.  Not to bad for a guy who could barely walk just a few months ago.

I was very pleased with Dr. Panet's professionalism and his knowledge of my injury. I would recommend Dr. Panet and prolo therapy to anyone who has chronic pain or ligament injuries of any kind. Do your homework ,its your body and you shouldn't have to live in pain or discomfort.

Ryan R.
Delta firefighter

March 30th, 2006

In November of 2004, I was the driver in a rear end accident.  The vehicle that hit us was traveling at a fair speed with it struck our car.  At the time my neck was a bit stiff but I did not really think much about it.  At 3:00 am the next day I awoke with a severe headache and a very sore neck.  I visited the doctor, a chiropractor and a physiotherapist and followed all the instructions about what to do and what not to do.  The pain did get a little better for a while.  Then my left shoulder became extremely painful and I began to have extreme headaches and it didn’t seem to mater what I did the pain continued to get worse and I was beginning to give up hope that I would be pain free again.  The restriction in my neck was so band that to do a shoulder check while driving I had to move my entire upper body to look.  I was unable to lift my left arm over my head without pain.  The mobility of my left arm became very restricted and I had pain radiating to my hand at times.  In December of 2005 the pain was so bad that I was taking Ibuprophen 4 at a time every 2-3 hours with little relief.  My physiotherapist suggested I see Dr. Panet.  I went to see him not really thinking it would help but I was amazed that after first 2 treatments my headaches began to decrease and the mobility of my neck began to increase.  I was still having pain in my upper left shoulder and we have continued with treatments but each time I come away better that it was before.  I remember Dr. Panet telling me on one of my first visits that there would be times when I wouldn’t like him very much because the treatments are far from painless and the pain for the first few days after can be bad but in the long run it is worth the pain to have the freedom from pain and more mobility. 

I am now able to lift my arm over my head with only a little tightness, I have full rotation of my neck, only slight  pain down my left arm at times and no more headaches.

All I can say is that it works-if you are having pain visit Dr. Panet.  You will find it very worthwhile. 


Edith E.
Age 53

February 2006

Almost two years ago, I fell against a wall and hurt my shoulder.  I thought that my collarbone was broken.  X-rays were taken which revealed that the bones were o.k.  I deducted that the pain must come from torn ligaments or damaged (bruised) muscles.  Since I did not want to take painkillers but preferred to treat the cause of the pain instead of the symptoms, I was relieved when a friend of mine recommended PROLOTHERAPY with Dr. John Panet. 

This treatment helps nature to heal itself.  On the first visit, Dr. Panet checked the whole shoulder – area carefully to find out, which ligaments or muscles were causing the pain.  He then recommended also Prolotherapy.  To inject the solution at the right spot is of course most important.  This was no problem for the very experienced Dr. Panet.  The first treatment brought already some relief.  After a series of four treatments, Dr. Panet recommended to wait with further injections to give the body a chance to heal itself.  After a few days I felt a big improvement.  Half the pain was gone.  A few weeks later, even the very uncomfortable “snapping” sensation I had whenever I used my shoulder had disappeared.  Only certain movements still hurt.  I am very gland that Prolotherapy really helps me.  What I appreciate is that I can continue with my normal activities even during the time of the treatments.

March 22nd, 2006

I have to tell you just how happy I am with the Prolotherapy.  You gave me the last treatment on March 8th, and two days later, my pain was gone.  I expected flare-up but now I know I am well again.  I am so glad that you could help me to get over the longlasting shoulder problem.

I wish you as much success with all your patients.

Maria P.

January 2, 2006

It is with great appreciation that I write this letter to thank you for helping me with the terrible problem I have with my back.

For years, I have had back problems due to my job and I have been to chiropractors, an acupuncturist, and medical specialists.  Approximately three months ago, I was the “end of my rope”.  I was told there was nothing else they could do for me other than cortisone shot.  So upon the recommendation of a good friend of ours, I came to you as a last resort.  You are very easy to talk to and certainly know what you are doing.

It has not been three months and you have completely changed my life around.  I can now live a fairly pain free life and even our friends have noticed the difference in me.  I have recommended you to quite a few of our friends.

Again, thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


Jan 2006

My initial presenting complaints were that of deep aching  weakness and instability in the right ankle and foot ,after injuring the ligaments playing baseball.I had a very protracted healing process and probably re –injured it.  At least once. I also experienced a lot of burning across the bottom of the foot in conjunction with roving soreness and  deep bone ache.This was very exhausting chronic pain.

Prolotherapy was the crucial factor in returning to normal functioning.  I have tried many and diverse treatments, with not much positive result.  Prolo allowed me to get back into action after about 2 years of misery.

Dr. Panet was excellent, especially in comparison with a different practioner who was much less competent.  Dr. Panet was professional, experienced, and confident with the needles. 

Bridget T.

Jan 2006

Hello, let me tell you how Dr. Panet changed my life for the better.  I was experiencing numbness in both arms and hands, faint spells, blurred vision, light headedness, vertigo, all accompanied with various episodes of anxiety attacks.  Furthermore, I also experienced leg numbness and sharp pain in my head, neck, and shoulders, especially my chest.  With numerous visits to specialists and various doctors it was concluded that I take prescription pharmaceuticals to treat these symptoms.  It was by chance that I was introduced to Dr. J. Panet ( I was looking  for a natural alternative to what was being offered to me by my doctor).  The first movement I stepped into his office, he treated me with understanding, care, and willingness to get to the root of the problems.  His enthusiasm and dedication to his practice motivated me to go on this journey of healing and self awareness especially with the introduction of a new treatment called Prolotherapy. 

The results have been miraculous to say the least.  I rarely experience any if the afore mentioned symptoms and I can now carry on with my activities of daily living.

Dr. J. Panet is a true professional and combined with the enthusiasm he has for life and care of his patients.  There is no doubt in my mind we are truly blessed to have him as a health care professional.  Good luck Dr. John Panet and thank you for all of your help.

Paulo F.

                                                                                                 Feb 10 2006

I'd had a history of tendonosis and my knees were in extreme pain when I did anything from running to jumping to climbing stairs.

It has greatly improved my ability to function.  I had tendenosis for years before I had prolotherapy and after the treatment, my symptoms were much milder and I was also able to play volleyball and compete for my university at the varsity level.  My knees responded very well to the treatment and I am not in constant pain like I was before.  I'm able to jump and run without constant pain!

My prolotherapy experience was great.  Dr. Panet was very considerate and the shots really didn't hurt that much.  Dr. Panet explained everything that he was doing which helped me to understand the process.

My prolotherapy experience was totally fine and I wouldn't suggest any ways to improve the service.  I was completely satisfied with everything.

Once again, thanks for all of your help Dr. Panet.  I really appreciate it!

Linsday A.
University sports scholarship  - United States

                                                                             April 16 ,2006

John I have been helped immensely by my prolotherapy shots.  Before my shots in my lower back I could only carry 25 pounds.  After his shots I have been able to carry up to 70 pound suitcases in and out of airports and our travel van for 4 weeks with very few problems. For the last 15 years if lifted more than 30 pounds, I would be in bed for 2-3 days in severe pain. My shoulder was constantly dislocating and causing me to limit my activities.  John's treatments helped me stabilize my shoulder and allow me to lift more things with fewer problems. I highly recommend his prolotherapy treatments.  My wife had back and hip problems caused from her two pregnancies in less than two years.  She has responded well to the treatments and has been able to do far more activities since her prolotherapy series of treatments.

Kevin K.

March 2006

My initial presenting complaints  when I went to see Dr. Panet was a sharp pain in my shoulders.  The pain would be magnified everytime,  I stretched my arms across my chest or when doing weights.

After 2-3 treatments of prolotherapy the pain has disappeared.  I can now stretch both arms across my chest with full extension and I have no pain.

Dr. Panet takes the time to pinpoint the origin of the pain and explain it.  His knowledge, throughtfullness and care have made the prolo experience very easy.  The best part is you get results!

Brian B.

November 10, 2005

My initial presenting complaints complaints were of low back pain and sciatica that continued  to persist despite extensive rehab, physiotherapy, and a weight program.

The most frustrating part was that my “episodes” of back pain were completely random and would occur even when I felt good. All of  a sudden I’d experienced nerve pain down my leg.  My pelvis kept slipping out of position.

Prolotherapy treatments have changed my symptom  pattern and ability to function.  My episodes are few and far between.  My pelvis is staying in place which allows me to function better and feel stronger.  In general, I feel much better.  I am able to sleep through the night without waking up in discomfort,  and I am able to train harder without experiencing any problems.

My experience in Dr. Panet’s office in general was great. 

Caroline H.

December 22nd, 2005

I would like to let you know that I was suffering very much with my knees and I went to see many specialists and medical consultants to relief my pain without success.  And only after I met Dr. Panet I started to feel better and in good shape.  I kindly appreciate Dr. Panet’s professional work and great support.

Guiseppe C.

April 25th, 2006

My initial presenting complaint was very sore lower back which would be very bad when I awoke in the mornings everyday.  The pain would travel up my back to my neck.  No flexibility unable to workout at all, as I was too sore.  Could not sit for longer 15 minutes.  The pain was constant and I could not function at the activity level I was used to do. 

Prolotherapy has helped tremendously!  I am working out, I have more flexibility and my pain is virtually gone.  My sacroiliac joint still acts up occasionally but I am not through taking prolotherapy shots yet

My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s office was excellent.  Professional and very knowledgable is how I describe Dr. Panet.

Dr. Panet is always very helpful and makes the prolo shots as painless as possible.

Trish L.

February 8, 2006

  Tennis elbow/tendinosis

I came to use prolotherapy as a last resort as I was frustrated with lingering problem.  After only 3 or 4 treatments, I had full mobility of my arm and it’s in good shape Informative, helpful and professional No need for improvement– it was already a great experience.

Sylvia M.

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