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August 20th, 2013

Over a period of many years, I had gone to many doctors and had a series of tests, x-rays, MRI ( which showed a herniated disk), CT scans, nerve conduction studies, etc. with no solution to my back pain. I had tried various physiotherapy methods, acupuncture, low-level laser therapy. I also went to a mal alignment workshop, which taught me to self-diagnose but didn’t alleviate the pain. Some physiotherapy offered temporary relief and some offered no relief. I have tried various exercises, some of which made the pain worse.
When I first visited Dr. Panet, I was in extreme pain. Walking was difficult and sitting for any length of time caused such sharp pain that at times I felt like there was little hope. I had heard about prolotherapy before and was a little sceptical. Because I had gone to a malalignment workshop, I had been able to tell for about four years prior to seeing Dr. Panet when my back was out, which was most of the time. After four or five prolotherapy sessions, my back started to stay in alignment. The pain was much less. I went for eleven sessions in total over about eight months period. It’s now twenty two months since my first session and my lower back has never come out of alignment again. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Panet sooner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Panet. He really listens and then figures out that now one else could.
If the thought of needles makes you hesitate to try prolotherapy, the back pain is much more painful than the needles. Dr. Panet is very gentle and caring when applying this treatment.

August, 2013

It is with great pleasure and thankfulness that I write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Panet and the healing miracle of Prolotherapy.
Dr. Panet’s expertise and professionalism in the field of Prolotherapy has given me my life back, free from pain.
In September 2009, I had an injury to my left sacroiliac joint. I am a power line man and have worked for various utilities for many years. It is a physically demanding career, lifting and climbing, including helicopter tower work. It is also very mentally demanding, a dangerous position.
Twenty years of wear and tear on my body had caught up with me and I was in chronic, debilitating, daily… or should I say hourly, debilitating pain. I was unable to work.
After numerous tests including an MRI, specialists and doctors said there was no evidence of a problem which could be surgically corrected. I was ready to do surgery on myself.
My injury did not go away no matter how much physio, acupuncture, chiro, rolfing massage or stretching exercise. I did in fact believe that though physio helped my core strength, it aggravated my injury. I was suffering from a constant distracted feeling of pins and needles and pain down my leg with numbness in my foot. Prescribed pain killers were not an option for me.
After over 15 months of being off work, my spirits began to break and I started to disconnect myself from my family and friends. I was in a very dark place. I spent a lot of sleepless nights on the couch searching the internet in hope of finding out what was wrong with me in relation to my symptoms.
Luckily for me, I came across a website of Prolotherapy and Dr. Panet located in Vancouver, BC. What he has done for me is nothing short of miracle. After eight appointments at three week intervals, I was able to return to work and my life.
I highly recommend Dr. Panet. He is an expert on how the human body works. His personal experience with his own injuries makes him in tune to his patients needs, suffering and misery. His amazing gift of healing transformed my debilitating injury and my life. For that I am forever grateful.
Mark ----- One Happy Camper

February 14th, 2013

My name is Steve and I am 43 years old. I have been suffering with neck pain for ten years. I was injured in 2001 while was in the military. I was injured while I was in gym class when I was bending over to pick up a medicine ball up from the floor. As I was beginning to straighten up another guy jumped over the pile of medicine balls and hit me in the back over the head driving my head forward. At the moment of impact I lost feelings in my arms and when I straightened up my neck was very sore and my shoulders immediately shrugged to my ears. There was intense pain in my neck. The military made me walk to the hospital where they never x-rayed my neck, they gave me Ibuprofen and sent me back to train.
Since this injury I have spent ten years going to physiotherapy but the pain always returns. Over the last few years the pain had began to increase at the base of my skull. The pain radiates on the left side of my neck and causes the left side of my face to feel numb. When my neck was really sore I got headaches that feel like someone is trying to scoop my eye out with a spoon. I have had several CT scans and two MRI, all indicating that there was nothing wrong with my neck bones.
Due to this injury, I retired from the military. My neck pain comes back every time I work out with weights, jog or even walk for an extended period. It also returns when I drive for a long period of time and it aches especially if I drive in a city. Always turning my head to the left aggravated my injury. I have taken medication for ten years and nothing seemed to work. I have put on twenty extra pounds due to this injury which has caused me to get depressed over my weight and my inability to workout. Working out is a very important part of my life and this neck injury has caused me to stop a lot of my life.
I would like to start off by saying that prolotherapy from Dr. Panet gave me my life back. I suffered a serious neck injury back in 2001 and since then I have suffered with a chronic neck pain that physiotherapy could not cure. For ten years I used Ibuprofen every day just to make it through to the next day. One day my wife discovered prolotherapy on the internet and how well it helped people like myself live with chronic pain. We were very sceptical since none of the several specialists I saw over the course of ten years recommended this procedure to me. So I took a chance and let me tell you that I am sure glad I did. To date I have had four sessions and my life has turned around. I have stopped using drugs, my pain is gone and I feel great. I have even skipped treatment for two months and my pain has not returned. In that time, I power washed by old house, moved two houses and cut trees down without any help of drugs. I have even driven to San Francisco without the use of any drugs where as before I couldn’t even drive to Vancouver without having pain. Before prolotherapy, I could have never done all of these things without taking medication to stop the pain in my neck. All I can say is that I am a believer of prolotherapy.
If you have chronic pain and your doctor and the specialists tell you there is nothing they can do for you, you need prolotherapy. It gave me back my life.
S. B.

August 27, 2013
Dr. Panet was recommended to me by a colleague who swore her knee pain was gone after just a few treatments. Being in the healthcare industry myself I was immediately intrigued. I had started seeing a chiropractor myself as a child due to compression fractures in my neck, not to mention a few MVA’s later. Over the years I spent many hours in all sorts of medical offices trying to figure out what was going on with me. All the treatment helped manage or maintain the symptoms I was experiencing including: chronic neck pain, headaches, numbness, severe nausea, vertigo, chronic hiccups, and foot pain. I had always been an active kid and wanted to be an active adult but there was a point I kept hitting that wouldn’t allow me to progress my fitness anymore without suffering. In the last few years things were starting to get worse. At one point a nut and bolt dropped on my hand and I writhed in pain for an hour. My partner, who is also an RMT was unable to touch me for awhile as my nervous system had become so hypersensitive. My first visit to Dr. Panet I cried after, as it was the first time I felt someone actually understood what my body was experiencing. He thoroughly explained the treatment to me as I told him I had many negative needle experiences. My worries were quickly dissipated after this and his assessment. After you have seen a lot of practitioners and you yourself are massage therapist you have a better idea when someone knows what they are doing  I felt immediate relief after my first treatment. I could feel my spine gaining the shape it was lacking after 3 or 4 treatments. We moved onto the rest of my body and I was beginning to feel like what I knew I could feel like. This was the missing link in my treatment plan. All of a sudden I was waking up without nausea, I was able to do yoga poses effortlessly, I had an arch in my foot again!! I was in another car accident after my treatment had finished and I continue to trust Dr. Panet with helping my unique body recover fully!
Thank you Dr. Panet for giving me hope again!

June 12, 2013

Hi, I am Carol. A grateful 56 year old woman who's quality of life diminished until I discovered Dr. John Panet and his Prolotherapy. I was born with weak ankles, fallen arches and my left foot was inverted. I suffered numerous injuries during my life.
In 1972, Broken left elbow and the shoulder blade was inwardly twisted.
In 1983, Cracked Tailbone and the muscle between my right thumb and Index finger was ripped. In 1984, Crushed thighs, this trauma caused severe scar tissue resulting in poor circulation to my lower extremities.
In 1986, Broken jaw with extreme neck issues.
From 1994 – 2004, I was employed as a mill worker, doing a repetitive job. During this time, I endure numerous injuries: for example, I was crushed by a heavy pallet resulting in upper and lower back trauma, the left ankle and heel was crushed. Repeatedly lifting, caused further back and hip damage, all these combined injuries, resulted in a collapsed right hip and protruding discs.
In 2007, I re- tore the scar tissue in my thighs and the attached Ligaments, that stabilizes the knee. Consequently, I spent the next six months with crutches and a walker, my midsection was twisted and I was in excruciating pain. There was no conventional treatment available to correct my unstable hips, knees and feet, not to mention my ongoing nerve and muscle pain. When the thigh muscles where engaged, re-injury occurred. As a result, I was placed on a permit disability pension in 2009.
Thus began my long road to recovery.
The first task was to re-align my back, stabilize my hips, knees and ankles including the associated muscles, joints and ligaments. However, this would not have been possible without Dr. Pant’s extensive and enlightening treatments. His educational back ground and thirst for knowledge in his field of expertise has saved me from a life of pain and misery, to a life of happiness and fulfillment. I am truly blessed.
After completing 3 months of treatments, I am enjoying an active pain free Full life, enjoying; yoga, Pilates, cardio and weight-training. I also participate in swimming, and dancing. I finished a 72 consecutive day challenge at my local leisure center. I am looking forward to take on waterskiing this summer.
Words can’t express my undying gratitude to Dr. John E. Panet I am truly fortunate
Thank you,
Carol T

March 2013

I have been experiencing a burning pain in my right hip for over twenty five years on and off. It became progressively worse with the years. The medical field was unable to help as the source of the pain was a mystery. Although a few suggestions were made such as removing my girlie part, “not bloody likely” I said. A friend suggested I see Dr. Panet as he had treated her with prolotherapy and was pain free for three years. I started my visits May 2012, about once a month. The change for the better came very quickly with each visit. By the end of the year I was 97% pain free. If I should get a twinge on or a rare occasion I don’t need to panic as it invariably disappears in a very short time.
It changed my life immeasurably for the better, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to receive such a fantastic treatment with the atmost care and professionalism.
A. S.

My story is simple, all in my life I’ve been active in judo, weights, jogging, etc. Now I realized that age catches up with one. I picked up a couple of 75 lbs weights, walked up and down the garage as I’ve done for many years. This time when I finished there was a twinge in my back about belt level. Next day, I was in severe pain from my back down the front of my leg to the instep.
I went to a chiropractor, this time it did not help. I went to my doctor who ordered an x-ray which revealed bone spurs, thinning discs etc. He prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs which did not help. Next was a CT scan and my doctor referred me to a specialist who suggested that I need a surgery which would cure the pain in my leg but would not help the back pain.
A tri-athlete friend saw me limping and suggested I try prolotherapy which had helped her. I thought that prolotherapy was only available in the USA. But she has told me to look on the internet. I checked the Internet and found Dr. Panet and as they say the rest is history. I had consultation, a test of injection and decided to take the full treatment.
After the first injection, I did not seem to feel much improvement. However, after the second session of injections there was a small but distinct improvement. Each treatment after that there was dramatic improvement. I have received seven sessions of treatment about three weeks apart and I consider myself cured. I can walk, bend, lift, and carry groceries, etc. I have my life back again.
Colin J. age 70

I’ve had chronic back pain since I was a teenager (I’m 39 years old now). This pain made sitting for more than half an hour at a time unbearable and also affected my digestive system. (I’ve had chronic irritable bowel syndrome and associated with this back pain since I was a teen), my knee (tore my anterior cruciate ligament in 1998) as well as my schooling and career choices. Finally in 2009, my 8th physiotherapist since moving to Vancouver figured out that my lower back pain was due to my pelvis being out of alignment and that the ligaments in my sacroiliac joint were lax and perpetually unstable. This laxity made it impossible for the sacroiliac joint to stay in alignment for any length of time after being adjusted, despite the exercises I did to strengthen my stabilizing muscles. It was at this point that my physiotherapist suggested that I undergo prolotherapy.
By the time I came to see Dr. Panet, in February 2010, I was in a lot of pain – lower back, upper back, sciatic nerve, hip flexor/ hip capsule from years of exercising while out of alignment. Within a few months of treatment, the lower back pain all but completely left, and a year later I can now sit for hours and hours making it possible to do my desk work and also travel by plane for long distances. I feel a marked improvement in my core stability and most recently, a reduction in my sciatic and hip-flexor pain. Additionally, I can feel my upper back pain slowly going away as my pelvis stabilizes. This winter, I downhill and cross-country (skate) skiing and even a little bit of running, which I thought I’d never do again! But most importantly, I’m no longer constantly aggravated and irritable because I’m in chronic pain.
Not only do I recommend prolotherapy as a practice for people with chronic pain due to ligament laxity, but I also particularly endorse Dr. Panet because of his skills as a prolotherapist, as a holistic practioner (he’s trained as both Naturopath and a Chiropractor) and not at least, his most caring demeanour.
Thanks Dr. Panet!

September 12th, 2013

I am in my late 40’s, I have been receiving prolotherapy from Dr. Panet for more than a year, and I absolutely treasure the success I’ve had from the prolotherapy treatments. Over three years ago, I was in perfect health, when I was in a car accident.
My neck was injured (physiotherapist said C4 kept sliding forward), I was left with pain in the back left side of my neck, plus a choking sensation every time I swallowed.
Dr. Panet treated my neck and the choking sensation is now 90% gone. The pain in the back of my neck occurs less often, less intensely.
I didn’t believe that prolotherapy would work for me. My wrists and ankles had been hyper extended in a panic braking accident, and I was forced to wear wrist and ankle braces for six months. After the braces came off, I was falling daily going up stairs. I was falling outdoors perhaps once very two weeks. I was getting good at falling, I would tuck and roll.
After having my ankles treated in three separate occasions, I do not fall anymore. I feel that Dr. Panet has saved my health in my future because I cannot imagine what my future held for me if I was going to spend the rest of my life falling. The repairs that Dr. Panet has successfully performed on my ankles are absolutely priceless to me. I love to walk, love outdoors, I hate falling, and Dr. Panet has saved my future.
He has saved my walking, words will never express my gratitude to Dr. Panet for making my ankles stable once again.
My back, between my shoulder blades would not permit me to do a shoulder check while driving. It was painful most of the time, after two treatments to my back, I can do shoulder checks, the pain is 90% gone. It is absolutely amazing. Even if I slump at my computer, my back feels no pain. I never believed the pain could be mostly gone, it feels like Dr. Panet has turned the clock back before my car accident.
I so did not want to go for prolotherapy. I can feel a lot of anxiety at times, and the thought of the treatment truly terrified me. My aunt is a Registered Nurse, I whined at her that I didn’t want to go through any prolotherapy treatment (particularly since I didn’t believe it would be of any benefit), but my aunt (who knew nothing about prolotherapy) told me wisely, “Even if the treatment sounds unappealing, stay open Dearie”. I spoke to a psychologist friend of mine, I asked her, “ Can prolotherapy work for me even though I don’t believe it will work?” She replied, “Yes, it can work even if you don’t believe it will.”
I did not believe it would work. I didn’t want to do it. My wrists were both painful in the center and outer joints. My first few treatments were on my left wrist. That was September 2010. The moment I became a believer of prolotherapy was Halloween night. My left wrist had been treated, the right wrist had not. I was outside with the kids trick or treating, it was cold night. Two minutes after I stepped out into the cold, my right wrist joints were in horrible annoying pain and it dawned on me at that moment. “My left wrist feels perfect !!!!!! It was then that I discovered for myself that prolotherapy eradicates the pain.
Upon researching after I was learning that prolotherapy actual DOES work, I learned that prolotherapy has been in practiced since the 1940’s and that the surgeon general of the USA himself has a success story of prolotherapy himself.
Prolotherapy from Dr. Panet has been the key to undoing the physical damage I sustained in a car accident. Like rewinding the film of a bad picture, a nightmare. I understand that Dr. Panet has patients that fly in from all over North America to be treated by Dr. Panet. How blessed the Vancouverites are to have him here in our own city.
If you have pain that is not going away, try prolotherapy. Your pain CAN be eradicated.

September 28th, 2011

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for our son. We had our final visit with the physiotherapist (who we wouldn’t have met without your help) and my son has been cleared from all pain and injuries. His hip joint for both legs are now tracking properly. His back is strong and stable and is doing it’s job once more. Because of your help, my son’s labrum has had time to heal and is no longer inflamed and it has completely healed.
None of this would have happened without your care and expertise. Thank you so very much!

January 13, 2013

I have loose ligaments in my lower back and sacrum that have plagued me for years. Because my vertebrae and pelvis are hypermobile they tend to get torgued and stuck in bad positions, wreaking havoc in other joints and in my muscles when I run, ski, hike or garden or do anything remotely athletic. And not just athletic – sitting in an airplane seat for too long is also a problem. Was a problem, I should say for about five years my physiotherapist has had to put me back into alignment about once a month or more. A year ago he sent me to see Dr. Panet for an evaluation.
I took some convincing, for starters, I live in Seattle, so I have to take the train up to Vancouver for the day to see him. I had never heard of prolotherapy, and I am conservative about medical procedures. I’m not wild about needles. Who is?
My physiotherapist in Seattle put me in touch with another of his patients who had been treated by Dr. Panet. She was nice enough to talk to me about it. (A Microsoft programmer, she saw him for neck pain and described herself as having near – miraculous results.)
I have now seen Dr. Panet six or seven times. My symptoms are much better – all but gone, in fact (though I helped push a jeep almost kilometre through deep sand in early December and that was not the best idea.) My pelvis and lower back are stronger and more stable, which means I’m finally able to work on strengthening my muscles. I’m not constantly on the physiotherapist’s waiting list.
The injections are a a drag, but Dr. Panet is swift and sure and very skilled and it’s over before I know it. Though he always warns me I will be sore for a day or two afterwards I find I recovered very quickly. I wish I have done this years ago.
Susan M.
Seattle, WA

January 2013

I have been a nurse for 33 years. Ten years ago I sustained a neck injury at work lifting a patient. Over years I have managed the pain and mobility with physiotherapy, massage and chiropractor. In January 2011, I was referred to Dr. Panet for prolotherapy. I was sceptical, you bet! There was great fear of having injections in my neck with all the things that could possibly go wrong….being a nurse I knew of all the possibilities. Well a year and a half later, the fear has faded and so has the pain and decreased mobility in my neck and upper back.
Dr. Panet is the most professional, respectful, gentle and caring physician I have met. I am truly blessed to have received treatment from this amazing man!
T. D.

April 14th, 2013

“I suffered from a twisting MCL injury to my left knee and was having problems since then. Both on the injured leg, and later, due to overcompensation on my good one as well. I was surprised when Dr. Panet pointed out to me that besides my injury, some significant laxity in my ankles was contributing to my discomfort. I decided to try prolotherapy on both ankles and knees and have to say I’m pretty pleased with the results. My ankles feel significantly more stable and my knee complaints have improved as well. Dr. Panet was very kind and helpful through the whole process and would always take his time to explain everything which made all the difference. I strongly recommend that to anyone considering prolo would seek him out”.
Thanks for everything.

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