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September 2006

I suffered a serious injury to my sterno clavicular joint during a bike ride that damaged the ligament that held my collarbone to my chest. I could push on my collarbone and it would sink backwards into my chest. This was not much fun. This injury prevented me from doing any physical activity aside from walking as I could not bear weight through my arm or move my shoulder and neck without immediate pain. I was told by several doctors that there was no effective treatment available and I would have to wait for the ligament to heal over time and endure the related pain. I was given a recovery timeline of at least 12-18 months and even then there was no guarantee that the joint will heal completely. Physiotherapy and massage were effective to alleviate the symptoms of the injury in my neck and shoulder, but could not treat the injured ligament due to its inaccessible location. I endured several months of pain and inactivity before I was referred to Dr. Panet by my physiotherapist.

The results from the prolotherapy were impressive. Stability returned to the joint area within 3 treatments and, in conjunction with specific strengthening exercises and treatment from my physiotherapist, I was able to return to a limited level of activity after 6 treatments. Now, 8 months after the injury, I have returned to a moderate level of biking, swimming and running without pain. I can optimistically look towards returning to racing for next season when I few months ago I was wondering if I would be able to ride my bike again without pain.

2004 World Triathlon Championship in Madeira, Portugal.

2002 Xterra Offroad Triathlon Regional Championship in Keystone, Colorado

Jonathan S.

                                                                                                                         September 11, 2006

Dr. Panet,

I had been suffering from a debilitating tendonitis - tennis elbow - for well over three years when I heard about prolotherapy. As ice therapy, forearm splinting, resting, some physio and a technique to increase blood flow to the area all could not get the job done I decided to try prolotherapy during January, 2006. I felt the effects of the prolo very quickly, almost too good to be true - and then, it was. But gradually over the next 6 - 8 months the waves of pain began to abate. They were coming with less intensity and less frequency. Now, after 14 or 15 treatments I have been without pain for more than three weeks. This is a milestone for me and I am beginning to consider that true healing for me finally, is within grasp. I now have more strength is my arm and my grip. I can finally do things like shake hands and play the piano without fear of straining my forearm tendons. At the time of this milestone I believe that I am in the range of being 80% healed. If everything goes right, a few more treatments and the healing will be 90%, 95%, maybe 98% and who knows, maybe even 100% is possible. I am looking forward to working towards this over the next few months with Dr. Panet's help. Now I can truly feel an optimism about my life that has been severely and painfully lacking. Thank-you Dr. Panet for your expert and caring treatment!


Ron W.

                                                                                                                      August 2006

After four motor vehicle accidents and pursuing every kind of treatment known to humankind, I had exhausted all hope of ever achieving any kind of recovery from the pain I lived in on a daily basis. I was convinced I had run out of options.
A relative who had suffered similar injuries suggested a treatment called prolotherapy. It had been suggested to me previously by a physiotherapist but not much was known about it and there weren't many practitioners available.
Through a series of events I found myself living in Vancouver and my new physician suggested a local doctor who did prolotherapy.
After an extended and extremely informative phone conversation with Dr. Panet, I began treatments. Immediately I noticed improvements. Over a six month period my condition had changed dramatically and I was back to having a life again.
My injuries are such that I will never recover fully, but the achievements I have gained have changed my life and my life style.
Yes the treatments are painful.
Yes it takes time and patience.
But it's worth it. I wish I had discovered Dr. Panet and this treatment sooner.
Dr. Panet is a highly qualified professional, both through personal and practical experience. His genuine concern for your well being, makes what is otherwise an arduous experience, bearable and undoubtedly worthwhile.
I could expound endlessly on the benefits of this treatment, ultimately the results speak for themselves.

Corrie N.

Sept 21, 06

I started to experience hip pain way back in 1997.  I was told that my hip pain was due to a hypermobile joint.  Throughout the years, I have tried various treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy.  I have had consultations with sports medicine doctors and various kinesiologists/exercise therapists.  The various treatments felt good but only for a short period of time.  I have attempted to exercise, to strengthen my core to stabilize the joint, and to get fit (hoping that if I were stronger, I would be in less pain).  Unfortunately, the pain continued throughout the years despite the various therapies.  I had to significantly modify my active lifestyle in order to manage and deal with the pain.

Working as a physiotherapist, my husband recognized that I might be a good candidate for prolotherapy.  Having worked directly with Dr. Panet, he strongly recommended that I see him for a consult.   I finally decide to see Dr. Panet in May 2006.

After receiving prolotherapy treatment from Dr. Panet, I have resumed (and increased) my active lifestyle without any pain.  My level of function increased immediately after treatment and I currently continue to experience no hip pain.  This is a fabulous feeling especially after almost 10 years of pain and functional limitations! 

I can now play tennis, ultimate frisbee, hike in the mountains, and run without worrying about the consequences afterwards.  My productivity at work has increased significantly since I can sit for longer periods without any pain.  Most important of all, I can enjoy life and be as active as I want to be.  

Thank you Dr. Panet for facilitating my return to activity!  Thank you!


Sandy B

September 2006

I’d been working with my company for sixteen years in the accounting department as accounts payable/receivables clerk. My job consists of using computer everyday. I started to experience pain in my shoulders, it first affected my left elbow and hand then moved until both left and right elbows were in pain, then both my hands. I was diagnosed with
de Quervain’s tenosynovites. I have to use braces on both hands to be able to write but I cannot lift a small thing like a glass of water.

I went through a lot of treatment such as, massage therapy, three different kinds of acupuncture, hyperbaric therapy, Chinese herbal treatment, a lot of exercise,chiropractic therapy,holistic therapy,physiotherapy. I was taking various inflammatory and pain killers. The last treatment I had was an injection of cortisone on my right hand which help stop the pain on the hand but both elbow still hurts.

My company hired an occupational therapist to provide me with proper chair, table, foot stool and measure distance of my chair to computer. While doing one treatment at a time, I do my regular 15 minutes exercise everyday.

One day, one of my co-worker suggested that I should try prolotheraphy. She gave me the business card of Dr. John Panet. I was hesitant, so I searched through the internet to find out more about what it does. I called some U.S. companies that do prolotherapy and asked how it worked.

As frustrated as I am, I went to see Dr. Panet. He explained to me every aspect of the treatment. I started the treatment and after three session the pain in both elbows improved but not totally. But because I’m working doing the same repetitive work, I have to go for more session. It was after my tenth session that I finally felt human again. My pain is 95 percent healed. Prolotherapy has really helped me and of course Dr. Panet.

Its been two months since the last time I had saw Dr, Panet and I felt
99 percent pain free.

Laura H.

June 11, 2006

After spending a majority of my adult life looking for pain relief from neck, back, hip and shoulder pain, prolotherapy has been a saviour to me. I had tried various forms of treatment and at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with AS(ankylosing spondylitis) and six years of anti-inflammatory medication ensued with little relief I was destined for disability. After many treatments of prolotherapy my body is healing in those areas affected and I am much more productive, functioning a lot better and I am much more active. There is no other treatment that gives the results that Prolotherapy does, it is not a band-Aid solution but a treatment for restoring health. I have many thanks to Dr. Panet for providing this treatment and for being a caring professional.

Ted A.

August 1, 2006

My neck was extremely stiff, unable to get complete movement to the sides. Original damage may have been done at child birth, additional damage done from playing sports. After 7 treatments the mobility in my neck has increased greatly. One thing I really appreciated about Dr. Panet was that he was willing to spend the time with you, he would answer all the questions that you had, he is very passionate about his work, he made you feel at ease. Once again thank you very much.

Bob C.
Cold Lake, Alberta

August 2006

My initial complaints was that of sharp pain radiating from low back and sacral area into the buttocks and down the right leg  and into the right calf.  Sitting aggravated the pain.  Bending from the waist was painful and movements laterally were painful.  Most severe pain was noted upon rising from sleeping  or sitting for extended periods of time. Pain made  simple movements like getting in and out of the car or showering slow and with hesitation.

 Prolotherapy  treatment  has changed my symptom pattern and ability to function.
Immediate pain relief was noted  and gradually after the fourth set of shots the pain was nearly non-existant and the simple movements were simple and non painful again. The hardest part is holding back on activity not wanting to reactivate the condition. Not having the pain everyday has improved my overall attitude and helping me to sleep better giving me more energy.

My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s office was very positive.  Dr. Panet is a great listener and very empathetic and knowledgeable.  He made me very comfortable on the first visit.  Welcomed my husband to come in during treatments and explained  the process and the condition very well.

I can’t seen how it could go any better with my prolotherapy experience.  The small amount of discomfort from the injections was nothing from the relief I gained on a daily basis.

Thank you Dr. Panet,

Heather J.

                                                                                                 Aug 2006

My initial complaints was very intensive neck pain.  I was on a very strong pain killers and even then was  pain 24/7.  I had registered for pain management classes as I had been told by my doctors that the pain would probably remain chronic.

Prolotherapy treatment changed my symptom pattern and ability to function, it has completely eliminated the pain.  After each of my seven treatments the level of pain was reduced and then eliminated.  I finished the treatment 20 months ago and the pain has never returned.

My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s office was excellent.

Thank you,

Rose G.

September 2006

My initial presenting complaints were pain in my upper back and shoulders. It was totally eliminated after three sessions of treatment.  My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s office was excellent.