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November 2006

Dear Dr. Panet,

I have been seeing you regularly for the past nine months. I played professional football for over a decade, and along the way suffered a broken femur and have undergone four different knee scopes. Nothing helped to alleviate pain and improve function until I met you. Since receiving your prolo therapy, I have been running and playing sports as though I was twenty-five again - I am actually thirty-five.

After undergoing my last knee scope in 2005, the surgeon had stated that I would need complete knee replacements by the time I was forty years old - not something to look forward to. Through your therapy, you have changed that bleak outlook in my mind. I no longer feel as though knee replacements are my only option and I have a much more positive sense of my future prognosis.

As a personal trainer at the Performance Institute, I work with up and coming athletes on a daily basis. Even though most of my clients are much younger than I, thanks to you and your treatment, I can still keep up with the best of them! Thank you for that!

I would recommend prolo therapy to anyone who has suffered from a sports injury, or any type of other injury for that matter. It has truly made a difference for me and has allowed me to maintain the active lifestyle that I so enjoy.

Thank you again for your help!

Larry Thompson
Sports Specific Trainer

Mobile: (604)418-0032
Email: uptempo2@hotmail.com


                                                                                                                        October 2006

I suffered chronic pain in my shoulder and collarbone area due to sport injury and/or improper sitting posture at work.  I consulted my family doctor who prescribed no medication or asked me to try hot or cold pad.  It did not help.  I also went for acupuncture several times but it did not help either.  The chronic pain bothers me  24 hours and I though I have to get use to it.

Previous to injury, I enjoyed my active lifestyle.  I like golfing, and table tennis.  During injury I had to endure my shoulder and collar bone.  I had pain whenever I played which was not very enjoyable.  Post recovery – back to my normal self, previous to injury no pain when I golf and/or play table tennis.

My prolotherapy experience in office was very good.  I was given a recovery timeline of 4-6 treatments. 

Dr. Panet you have done a very good and professional job.  Thank you for calling of me and asked me how I was during the time of treatment.

Terry W.

                                                                                                                      November 2006

I just wanted to add my name to the list of people that have been helped by Dr Panet and Prolotherapy. I have been going to Physiotherapists for years for lower back pain and tightness caused by a hockey injury in my early 20's. I am now in my late 40's and the pain and tightness had gradually gotten worse to the point that I was no longer enjoying my favourite sport. I tried a different Physiotherapist  (S.B.) in Burnaby solely due to their reputation in successfully treating pro athletes. Stephen did an assessment and determined that I had a loose ligament in my lower back that was not holding my "S I" joint in place. He recommended that I try Prolotherapy with Dr Panet, he said that it was a relatively new but very effective method of treating injuries such as mine.  I had never heard of Prolotherapy so I did some research including asking my Chiropractor if he had heard of it. His reply was " I swear by it". He explained that he had also sent patients for Prolotherapy and gotten extremely positive results. When I saw Dr Panet he did a very thorough assessment and explained to me how the treatment worked. I had a series of injections in my lower back about 2 weeks apart for approximately 4 months. He explained that I would have swelling and soreness in the injected area for 1 - 2 days. After my second treatment I started to feel positive results, reduced pain and tightness and generally more stability in the area. I continued with the treatments for a few more months after which time Dr Panet,  my Physiotherapist and my Chiropractor all declared my back significantly improved. More important I could feel the difference and I am once again enjoying everyday life as well as hockey and other sports at full speed with absolutely no lower back pain.

Gord B.

November 2006

My initial presenting complaint was left hip pain which has been ongoing for many years with no long term success with any other therapists i.e. physiotherapy, massage etc.

Prolotherapy changed my symptom and ability to function.  I had significant improvements in function.  I am able to resume with all activities with no symptoms during or afterwards.  I am able to sit for longer periods without pain.  Left hip pain feels more stable and does not “pop” in/out throughout the day.  

My prolotherapy experienced in the office was great!  Thank you!  Great flexibility for after work hour appointments.  It was all wonderful.  Keep up the great work.

Lisa B.

November 2006

My presenting complaint was the throbbing shoulder at night-assumed rotator cuff are was weak.  I could not do any overhead work or play any sport like volleyball or handball.

Prolotherapy changed my symptoms pattern and ability to function.  No throbbing pain and stronger shoulder.  I am able to sleep at night and work in the day.  I am able to play hand ball since and although I am careful not to over extend it is a lot more comfortable to play.

My prolotherapy experience in office for someone who does not like needles, and despite some discomfort with this type of treatment,  it was well worth it!.  Dr. Panet always warned about any possible discomfort from needles which helped.  It was as good as I could expect.                    

Albert Z.

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