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March 2007

Dear Dr. Panet,

I had injured my upper back about 14 years ago in a high speed motor vehicle accident. I saw several specialists and NOBODY could really explain why I was having pain. ICBC had their Orthopedic Surgeon assess me and I was given the statement that I would be able to perform ANY and ALL occupations. I have continued all these years doing heavy physical jobs although I have had some pain all this time. I learned to get used to it and live with it. About 6 years ago after doing a very heavy repetitious lift at work I injured my upper back again and it started to feel as if it was worn out. I was given high doses of anti-inflammatory medicine and told to rest. My back never healed properly and now it hurt more than ever. I tried about 4 chiropractors, several physiotherapists, massage therapy…..at one point I was finally given a series of Cortisone injections to relieve the pain. The doctor who gave me the Cortisone said my back was fine after his treatment.

I did feel fine for a short period. However my back continued to get worse and it started to feel very unstable. It felt like my body was falling apart at the seams. I was frustrated and every time I saw a doctor I was given the usual medicine and told there was nothing else I could do. I was just getting old etc. etc. My back started to bother me so much I almost couldn’t stand it any more. I had always been a VERY active person who played many sports and lifted weights regularly. However, recently when I would come home from work all I wanted to do was rest because my back felt so uncomfortable. It would crack, I could feel the instability and it was driving me crazy. Nobody understood how much pain I was in. I was going to the chiropractor 4 times a week at times to try and get adjusted. Nothing would seem to last. After more time went by I started to develop pain in my lower back area also.

I was desperate for help so I started searching back pain methods on the Internet. I stumbled across PROLOTHERAPY kind of by accident. After reading about the process and symptoms that it could help I decided to give it a try. I phoned the first Doctor I could find in the Vancouver area who did this treatment. I was in and out of his office in about 15 minutes each time and after 5 treatments I decided to stop. It seemed like he really didn’t know what he was doing.

A few months later I did another search on Prolotherapy. The search engine came up with a new website and it was for Dr. Panet. As soon as I saw the testimonial from other Firefighters I decided to give him a call. That phone call was one of the best things I did. Dr. Panet impressed me right from the first visit. His knowledge was far superior to the other doctor I saw. Dr. Panet put me through several tests and he was VERY thorough. The part that impressed me the most is I didn’t have to tell him exactly where the pain was. During his examinations he found out on his own what parts of my body were causing me pain. And I was never once rushed out of his office.

Dr. Panet seemed confident that he could help me. Well after 5 – 6 treatments my low back pain was gone. Dr. Panet said the pain in my low back was actually my S.I. (Sacroilliac Joint) I don’t care what its called…..I’m just happy he fixed it for me.

My upper back was another story. Dr. Panet said it was a bit of a “mess” with pretty bad ligament damage. I have had about 10+ treatments on my upper back area and I would give a conservative estimate of somewhere between 60-70% pain relief and improved function. I will continue the treatments on my upper back as my budget allows. But I have been in no hurry as the pain relief has been quite dramatic to this point. It doesn’t bother me anything like it used to.



March 2007

My story begins in Dec 2005, I was diagnosed with oestitis pubis half way through my rookie rugby season at the University of British Columbia. It was painful for the first few weeks and I had to walk at a slow rate. I attended physiotherapy regularly and worked on very simple core exercises. My basic goal was to not do anything for 6 months as this was the allotted time it would require for me to become healthy again. After several months of attending physiotherapy 3 to 4 times a week and not using the lower half of my body at all I felt much better. I traveled down to Phoenix with the U-19 Canada rugby team to attend tryouts for the junior world cup. I was still unsure if I was ready to start playing again but given the opportunity to go down to phoenix for free. On the first day of training I did my regular warm-up and was included in the fitness and strength tests. Unfortunately when I was in a drill with the team I could all of a sudden feel my oestitis pubis go. It’s a hard feeling to describe but it was almost like a sudden shearing of my pelvic bone. It was very painful and I felt like I was back to were I was when I first injured myself. For the rest of the tryouts I didn’t include myself in the training and therefore didn’t make the team. During the next month or so my physio at UBC suggested a specialist named R.C. I attended physiotherapy trainings with him for a month or so and learned a warm-up which focused on the muscles and ligaments around my pelvic bone. I consistently used this warm-up before every training or workout I had. Then one day I had a sudden and unexpected flare up during a routine workout. I was very confused and went to see my physiotherapy trainer in my hometown. He put forth the idea that the warm-up I was doing before every session was too intense for someone recovering form oestitis pubis. I didn’t do anything for a period of time. The next time I saw my physio in UBC he told me that he had heard of a new kind of treatment for injuries such as the one I had. He told me about this prolotherapy and I gave the doctor a call. Since then I have had several treatments with Dr. Panet and have made incredible improvements. I am now finished my prolotherapy treatments and am back on the field. I will be keeping in touch with Dr. Panet over the next few months but don’t think I will need to have any more treatments.


March 2007

Approximately thirty years ago, I fell off horse and landed on my right knee. Since then, I have had four surgeries to repair cartilage and manage arthritis. Each surgery had some effect until the third one. About fifteen years ago which I never recovered from. I was left with constant pain and unable to kneel on my knee or bend down at the knee. One more surgery improved the level of pain but still could not knee of bend. I then chose to have no more surgery.

Since prolotherapy, I am pain free. I can kneel easily and bend at the knee. I have strength in the knee and stability which I have not had for thirty years.

My husband had to force me to go as I was not keen on having anything done to my knee. I knew what I had and was willing to live with it. After the initial visit, I was put at ease and it was easy to see that Dr. Panet had time experience and knowledge to help me.

I am a different type of person I like to just do it and get it over with.


March 2007

I have been active in sports most of my life and when in school and university played at volleyball, soccer, hockey, cross country running, track and field, football, rugby and basketball.

Unfortunately I was always good enough to be a first stringer at every sport I attempted but was never a star, only good enough to sacrifice my body for the fun I was having, and I was having fun and would not trade it now.

I have worked as a firefighter for twenty six years as well which is another occupation where you strain and stress your body beyond what is normal.

Through sprains and breaks of both feet and ankles due to sports and work I have developed some problems that according to my family doctor and two orthopedic surgeons, I will have to live with because the surgery options available will unlikely result in any decrease in pain and will only be temporary fixes as the technology for the type of joint replacement needed is not refined to the point it can be considered a viable option.

I was first diagnosed in 2000 and by 2006 was placed off work on long term disability due to moderately severe osteoarthritis in the left first MTP joint and instability in both the left and right ankles as well as crepitus in both feet. When I stood it felt as if the bones in the ball of my feet were crushing against each other and the discomfort forced me to walk on my heels or sides of my feet.

One of the orthopedic surgeons said he thought that the associated pain would make it impossible to function and felt that I must have a very high tolerance to pain. It did however get to the point that I gave up the only sport I was still involved in, basketball, and of course I gained weight because I was no longer active and did not feel well enough to just work out.

Then I was told about Dr. Panet by a firefighter friend of mine who had been treated for pain relief through prolotherapy and was very pleased with the results. Well, so am I.

Dr. Panet has been treating me for approximately seven months, with appointments from two to six weeks apart and has improved my foot discomfort to the point that I no longer get the crushing of bones feeling when I stand, I am able to go to the local gym and work out for over an hour at a time five days a week and am feeling good about myself.

Dr. Panet is very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate with his treatments. I received prolotherapy which involves injections and like most people if given another choice would normally say no thanks. Well what a mistake that would have been. The doctor takes his time, tells you what to expect each time he injects, says here we go 1,2,3 go and constantly asks if you are ok and tells you how you should feel and for how long.

I look forward to the treatments which I have never before when it comes to injections. Dr. Panet is one of a kind and I highly recommend him to anyone who has pain that needs to be managed.


January 2007

My initial presenting complaints were left lower back and hip pain with frequent sciatica and severe muscle spasms and sacroiliac joint instability, resulting in severe pain for five years and an inability to sit or work very much. This was in spite of multiple other treatments such as trigger point injections, nerve blocks, and certain types of physiotherapy (some of these treatments provided partial and or temporary relief). My other pain was the severe bladder pain, pressure and spasm resulting in minor surgeries (which made it worse) and inability to sleep with pain and urinary frequency.

Prolotherapy changed my symptom pattern and ability to function. Mostly now, after approximately four or five treatments, I am about 75% - 85% pain free (both bladder and back etc.). When there is pain, it is never as severe as it used to be. I’ve forgotten how that severe pain used to feel and how crippled I was by it (also depressed) However, now I am very active, I’m able to sit on soften chairs for quite a while (ie. I can actually to see a movie and not have to stand in the back of theatre the whole time, plus driving, etc. causes no problems for me anymore. My depression and anxiety as a result,has significantly decreased and I have hope for the future.

The prolotherapy treatments were explained thoroughly by Dr. Panet. His skill and professionalism with the injections caused minimal pain and distress. Also his manner has always been very kind concerned, caring, as well as very knowledgeable. I don’t know of any way the experience could be improved. For me, it has left me feeling very relaxed and trusting Dr. Panet and with his administrations of the treatments themselves. I am very thankful and forever grateful to Dr. Panet.


March 2006

My presenting complaints were shooting pains down my the left side of my leg and butt (gluteal muscles in spasm), problems walking, unable to exercise, depressed due to chronic pain/negative thoughts, loss of muscle and tone, and gained weight.

Its been four months since stopping my prolotherapy treatments and my symptoms have begun to subside. I began to have more good days than bad days and more time of not being in pain. Walking normally. I began to have a more positive outlook as a result and regained feelings of hope and control over life and my body. I am able to exercise regularly (with guidance of rehab fitness trainer). My prolotherapy experience in Dr. Panet’s offce was excellent. I was always treated with care and professionalism. Fitted in for emergency visits. I also received a follow up phone call from Dr. Panet regarding my condition/progress.


December 2006

Hi Dr. Panet,

I wanted to let you know that even being 9 months pregnant my low back is still pain free. The right side was the focus of our treatment and I have had absolutely no pain on that side since our last appointment back in August. I occasionally feel a stretch on the left but i think it is sciatic more than ligament after standing too long.

I am looking forward to getting active again after the baby comes and hopefully start running again this spring.

Thank you again for your excellent care. I can't tell you how nice it is to move without pain!


Feb 2007

My presenting complaints were instability of the lower back – sacroiliac joint and pain around the sacrum. Loss of strength due to unstable ligaments.

Prolotherapy has helped to make the treated area more stable. The ligaments seem stronger and will now allow me to move onto a core strengthening program.

Dr. Panet is very good at explaining the treatment process and very gentle.


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