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Aaaawww that feels GREAT! I just returned from a Prolotherapy treatment and I have some people to thank for how I feel.

I want to thank my soccer/fitness coaches Hilary and Dale McRoberts, President of Firefit, for telling me about something that could help my back, knee and ankle pain. Dale had been coaching me with exercises to fine tune the muscles I needed to support my back. I was in the best shape ever, but I was still in pain. No longer playing soccer or softball because my back couldn't handle the twisting and turning that is involved with these wonderful sports. I could mountain bike without putting my back "out", but I was still in pain by the end of my ride.

I started my Prolo in March and I have noticed a huge change. I've gone from thinking I would be in pain for the rest of my life, to looking forward to playing all my sports again.

The first time I realized how much better my back was feeling was after our regular mountain biking ride. I normally get to a certain point near the end of the trail and my back is not happy. I'm stiff and sore and have to get off several times to stretch. On this ride I told my biking mate how wonderful my back felt because I had gone for Prolotherapy and she found it interesting that I'd never complained about my back before. That's when I realized, when you think this is the way it's going to be for the rest of your life, the pain I mean, you just don't bother complaining about it. It's not until you are out of pain that you realize how much pain you were in.

My hope in telling this story is that this will help someone out there who has been told, "There is nothing further that can be done for you" or "You just have to live with it". I'm here to say look into Prolotherapy and see if this is for you. I am back playing soccer!
I would like to thank Dr. John Panet, Naturopathic Physician, Specializing in Chronic Pain Management, www.prolo.ca, you have changed my life and the way I think about my future sports endeavors. I'm back to living my life at full throttle.

Mountain Bikers always use the Natural Path!



Prolotherapy changed my life. Drastically! I have a bad back and I have three parts to contibute to my bad back. First of all I was born hypermoile (loose joints), I have bulging disc's in my lower back as well as neck, and also I have weak strained muscles from previous injuries.  The last 3 years have been the hardest and worst of my life.  I was injured on the job and I just never healed properly.  Being hypermobile, my hip joint kept going out because my muslces wouldn't hold the joint in place and this in turn put most of my back out.  It took something as simple as sneezing or just bending over to put it out.  When the joint moved it impinged on my mobility and I was not even able to bend to put on my socks, never mind try to tie my shoes!  My body was so unstable that by the time I got home from the chiropractor my back would be out again.  How do you fight that?  I was in pain and so very very frustrated and could not imagine being like this for the next 50 years!  Then my back rehab trainer told me about Prolotherapy and at that point I was willing to do anything.  The thought of needles close to the spine was not real comforting, but really, what did I have to lose?  Well, I did lose something- I lost the headaches, I lost the instability in my joints, I lost the weakness and I gained strenth like I have not had in years!!!   You should see what my trainer has me doing now!  I know prolotherapy often takes more than one treatment and may not work for everyone, but seriously, what have YOU got to lose?!?   


My presenting complaints was primarily chronic neck pain from a combination of previous TMJ problems, as well as whiplash.  I have also had long-standing lower back/pelvic imbalance with pain in my sacroiliac joint.  I sprained or otherwise injured my sacroiliac joints because of overall musculo-skeletal imbalance and compensation by the ligaments which over time became too lax (stretched) and weakened.  This also affected my upper  and mid-thoracic  areas  which became hypermobile along with subluxation.

 Of all the treatments/therapists I have received over the last twelve or more years, the prolotherapy from Dr. Panet has been by far the most profound and significant.  Firstly, the chronic pain I have been in for years has abated almost entirely.  I can go for extended periods of time without any distraction by pain or feeling as though “things were out of place and needing to be adjusted. 
Consequently, my muscles have also been able to relax as previously they were chronically strained, compensating for hypermobile joints.  The other benefits include a much more refreshing sleep which in turn, provides me more energy.  I have been able to increase my activity level as I am no longer so debilitated or “wiped out” by pain, and my overall disposition is much more positive.  Chronic pain can be very depressing to cope with; having it be so alleviated in such a relatively short amount of time has been something I am extremly grateful for!

My experienced in Dr. Panet's office was excellent. Dr. Panet is a very skilled practioner whose expertise as both chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, is apparent in how carefully and comprehensively he examines one.  He is also very compassionate and empathetic listener and devotes as much time and energy necessary.  There is no feeling of being rushed; one is given the attention one needs.  Dr. Panet is a very genuine and caring person which comes through in his approach which is very gentle.  I honestly can't think of anything that could be improved! (maybe move your office closed to where I live?).

Thank you for the dedication to your profession, and your art, that has been so helpful to many including myself!


August 2007

On my way back from a recreational getaway, I got into a car accident, which caused me to break my hands, as well as problems with my shoulder.  I had one operation, and attended physiotherapy twenty four times, and the results were not so good, the physiotherapy did hot help at all.  Seven months later I went for an M.R.I. And I was told that I would need another operation, and that it may or may not help.  A friend of mine referred me to Dr. John Panet, a naturopathic physician specializing in prolotherapy.  Though skeptical, I arranged to meet with him.  After treating my shoulder, I felt an incredible relief, and was no longer skeptical against naturopathic medicine, and truly believe that If it wasn't for Dr. Panet's treatments that I would still be experiencing much pain as a result of my shoulder injury.  I would be happy to refer Dr. Panet to anyone of my friends in similar situations as myself, as I felt his treatments helped me make a great recovery.


My present complaints were  hip discomfort on the right that includes lower back pain in sacroiliac joint area  and pain in the groin area and hip flexor.  I have had pain for may years.  I have tried three different physiotherapists,regular chiropractic adjustments since 1995, several acupuncture and massage treatments  without any improvements.  I also saw an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hip problems and did not get anywhere with that. I still had lots of pain.  I was also limited  functionality in my regular activities.  The last physiotherapist I saw referred me to Dr. Panet.

After the first treatment with prolotherapy, I experienced immediate pain relief.  I was able to go back to the life style I use to have.  I practice many sports and since the treatments I have been able to do all the things that I use to do.  I've have  always participated in many sports and since the treatments I have been able to resume  those activities.

I had a great experience with prolotherapy in Dr Panets the office.  I admit I was scared of the needles but Dr. Panet was such a comfortable person to be around, it made all the difference!  Ideally, it would be good to have Dr. Panet come to the area where I live once and a while to give the treatments  I would visit him more often if I lived closer to Vancouver.


More than twenty five years ago, I was in a car accident that resulted in neck and hip problems that reoccurred on a regular and frequent basis.  Following chiropractic adjustments, the problem would return in days and  weeks  following and resulted in ongoing visits over many years. 

Although the problem is not 100%, following the prolotherapy has greatly reduced the problems and the need for readjustment. 

I expect that very soon I will not remember the pain and re occurrence of the conditions that caused me to have weekly adjustments.  The neck and hip are almost as good as new.


My presenting complaint was the pain in my right knee.  Prolotherapy treatment changed my symptom pattern and ability to function.  I have complete normal function again of my knee.  It is like a miracle to me.  The traditional medicine was not able to help me at all. I was referred to Dr. Panet by my family medical doctor. After only a few visits with Dr. Panet I had absolutely no pain and I resumed to normal function.

My prolotherapy experienced in his office was awesome He is a very knowledgeable, reasonable, and caring doctor.  I don't think you can improve my prolotherapy experience.  Why fix something that is perfect.


May 10th, 2007

My presenting complaint was the pain in lower back due to herniated disc (old injury) lack of mobility and flexibility.  Episodes of being knocked down for 3-4 days, 3-4 times a year.  Sometimes feeling unstable for up to two weeks. 

Prolotherapy treatment changed my symptom pattern and ability to function.  It increased my mobility and flexibility. Episodes of 2-3 days once a year maybe twice my back lets me know its feeling weak, and I can manage the symptoms ie... hot tubs, massage.

My prolotherapy experience in  Dr Panets office was always excellent.  Very accommodating on booking appointments.



My presenting complaints:

  1. constant hip pain, rotation of pelvis, continually out of alignment.
  2. Whiplash
  3. epicondylitis.

Prolotherapy treatment changed my symptom pattern and ability to function;

  1. Now I have intermittent pain with long periods of no pain.  My hip seemed more stable and is most often in correct placement.
  2. This has not resolved but I am hopeful as there has been some improvement in range of motion and that I believe will prevent further deterioration.
  3. I noticed 50% improvement after two sessions of treatment whereas I had a full year before with constant spasm and some wasting.  I now think  I will be able to gradually rebuild.

My prolotherapy experienced in office was painless and professional. Early results from treatment.


I had been suffering from tennis elbow for approximately eight months.  As a result of that I was in pain for most of the time upon exertion and was unable to play golf which is my favorite activity.  I have tried physiotherapy, a cortisone injection and
anti-inflammatories with no avail to my symptoms.

Following my prolotherapy treatments I am now able to function normally.  I have no pain and have returned to golfing regularly. 

My prolotherapy experienced in Dr. Panet’s office was relaxed and no stress.



My initial presenting complaints were one arm and shoulder smaller than the other.  It had lost its strength and had pin in the shoulder.  In addition to that, I also had pain in the upper back area.  There were lots of muscle tension.

Prolotherapy has given me back the strength in my arm and the pain had gone away. I can now do more exercise with my arm.  The pain in my upper back was gone as well as the muscle tension was gone.

Prolotherapy experienced in Dr. Panet’s office was good.  He explained everything thoroughly.



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