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I have been living with scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, for many years and in fact had surgery in 1976 to fuse part of the spine to stop it from getting too extreme. I have always believed that ‘body in motion’ is the key to a healthy, happy lifestyle so I try not to let this issue hold me back from challenging physical activities. I accepted that some of these activities would cause me discomfort and I have tried numerous treatments over the years [massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, acupuncture] to reduce or eliminate that discomfort to the extent possible but still I had low back pain that often meant I had to walk the run segments of my triathlons. Dr. Panet was recommended to me in June by one of my other practitioners who also sees him for treatment and from the first consultation I have been convinced that Dr. Panet has a great understanding of the human body and how it works and he takes the time to make sure you know what is wrong, what can be done to try to heal it and what to expect during the process.

I received prolotherapy and trigger point work this summer that has made a significant difference in my training and racing. I just completed Ironman Canada for the second time and found that the 3800 meter swim was comfortable, where in prior swims I had to be concerned that just kicking a little too hard could over stress the back and make the rest of the day an ordeal. I completed the 180 kilometre bike ride with almost no back fatigue and I got off the bike ready and able to run the marathon. I believe that Dr. Panet’s treatments were a significant factor in enabling me to keep this unique body in motion for fifteen hours and finish running strong and with a smile on my face.



I have been having trouble with my lower back, and referral down my leg for over 10 years. 4 years ago I had a back operation removing part of the L5-S1 disc. The hope was this would eliminate the pain down my leg. Although the operation was successful in some aspects the pain afterwards was actually worse. I tried every type of treatment possible. I really was desperate. I was told by the doctors that this may be as good as it gets and should come to accept that. In my heart I believed that there had to be something that could help. Prior to my surgery I was an avid runner. I really missed the running and also the ability to do many things that I could not do because it would aggravate my symptoms. Chronic pain can really affect you emotionally. The hope that something will help is what you hold on to.

Prolotherapy was recommended by a Pain Management Doctor where I live. He was good, but had limited experience. I started doing research on the internet and ran across Dr. Panet's web site. I was excited because he was in Vancouver. I live in Victoria, but that is not far away. I called him twice on the phone prior to my first visit. He was so gracious and answered all my questions. I was abit nervous as had tried so many things with no success, I wanted to make sure prior to going over that I felt comfortable with the explanation of the treatment. The testimonials were the final thing that convinced me I should try a treatment with Dr. Panet.

After the first treatment, I noticed immediate improvement. I believe I have been for over 10 treatments. Every visit Dr. Panet did an assessment and modified his treatment based on the assessment. This is very different than most other treaters as they usually do the one initial assessment and then follow the same protocol for any subsequent visits. I have improved significantly. One of the areas that is so significant is my foot. I had some wasting and instability in my foot. I could squeeze my foot and actually hear the bones clicking. That no longer happens. I had also tried active exercise prior to prolo. I seemed to get limited results.

Dr. Panet explained to me that you need a strong foundation to see benefit from strength training (like trying to build a house on sand). And that is what prolo does for you. I am continuing now with my strength training and noticing so much improvement. I am not 100% yet, but know I will be. I am also back to running and doing a lot of the things that I was unable to do. Dr. Panet is very good about not giving false hope, but also is very willing to continue to be a support and to alter his treatment to achieve the desired result. He is continuously upgrading his training to provide the most effective treatment possible. I really appreciate Dr. Panet's sincerity and integrity. I would like to also let the readers know that I work for an Insurance company as a Bodily Injury Adjuster. Unfortunately Insurance companies resist paying many kinds of therapy. I believe in the future when they realize how effective this treatment is and at some point they will have to change their minds. More and more of the medical profession are realizing what a benefit it is. Thanks again for all your help.   


August 25th, 2008

I have been a Physical Therapist for seven years and consider myself lucky to work with some of the best doctors and physiotherapist in Northwest United States. Nearly two years ago, I experienced a large disc extrusion in two areas of my lumbar spine. I spent nearly one and a half years working to rehabilitate and stabilize my back with some of the best clinicians anywhere. Finally we all decided that no amount of muscle control or exercise would allow me to fully return to running or kayaking. My ligaments had simply become too lax. My best option would be prolotherapy to facilitate more ligament growth and the best provided, I was told, would be Dr. John Panet.

Dr. Panet was thorough and insightful during his initial examination and all his techniques and conclusions made sound sense. Dr. Panet took the time to first see if I was an appropriate candidate for prolotherapy and then described in detail what I might expect from the treatments. After six treatments coupled with continuing physical therapy I know I am on my way back to running and kayaking without restriction. My spine is no longer unstable and this allows me to continue to strengthen and return to the activities I love.

I have always very physically active and truly love the hard work and fun of exercise. This injury was a serious blow to my sense of self and my sense of well-being. Dr. Panet has restored my ability to be as strong as I want to be. He really has given me hope and has given me another chance to be strong as I want to be. He really has given me hop and has given me another chance to be strong and enjoy an active life. I recommend Dr. Panet very highly and have, in fact recommended him to my appropriate patients back in the States. There are practitioners closer to Seattle where I work and live but I believe it is well worth the trip to Vancouver, BC to see Dr. Panet.

Thanks again for everything John, this has been a great experience.

A.L., PT.

August 12th, 2008

As a tennis player it was with great sadness that I was to come to the realization that I could not play tennis anymore and I was to endure a high level of pain shooting through my hip and down my legs. After visiting my orthopaedic doctor, getting MRI scans and filling my prescriptions for pain killers, all hope seemed to rest on my physiotherapist’s shoulders to ease my chronic pain.

My pain continued and I moved on to a different physiotherapist with training in deep needle therapy. I went for my deep needle treatments and maintained a high level of optimism despite the continues chronic pain I was experiencing. After a while my hop began to fail as the pain continued. Eventually after a great effort my physiotherapist conceded I needed something else and recommended I see Dr. Panet. By great coincidence my first physiotherapist called around the same time and made the same recommendations to me to consider prolotherapy with Dr. Panet.

Desperate and in great pain, also quite cynical by this time, I made my first appointment with Dr. Panet. By my second visit, my chronic pain had subsided greatly and is now completely gone. The whole experience was life altering in that I am now able to function normally including playing tennis. It is not my intension to portray the treatment as an easy process as it could sometimes be a quite painful. If it were not for Dr. Panet’s patience and ease of personality the treatment would have been much more difficult to endure.

I am very thankful to Dr. Panet for his hard work and patient effort in turning around this difficult problem and restoring me to my pain free normal function.


May 23rd, 2008

I came to see Dr. Panet in November of 2007 due to a weakness in my left arm and pain from my shoulder down to my wrist. I was unable to sleep as I was unable to position my arm in a comfortable position as any movement of my arm would cause me to wake up.

Work was impossible as I could not lift, pull or hold anything back due to lack of strength and pain in my left arm. As I work as a heavy duty mechanic, even getting off a creeper or my hands and knees was an ordeal as I could not use my left arm to pus off or pull up.

Now after six months of prolotherapy in my left shoulder and back I have regained 99% of strength and use of my left arm and I’m finally pain free. Prolotherapy is still continuing but at five week intervals. Any pain I do feel at this point is manageable and I take it as a warning sign that I am doing something wrong.

I found that office visits are personal yet conducted professionally as Dr. Panet explains what he is going to do and why. I cannot think of anyway to improve office visits and I am thrilled to have my life back and to be able to do the things I missed during the last five months such as hockey, golf and yard work.


My initial complaints were that I had difficulty moving my right arm through its full range of motion. Because of an old injury to my rotator cuff, I was unable to properly throw a football or baseball. I also had recurring pain my left knee above the patella.

Prolotherapy changed my symptom pattern and ability to function. I am now able to throw a ball with no problem or pain. I had just given up on the idea of throwing overhand again. My left knee still aches with supra patellar pain at times but not as often or with as much intensity.

Prolotherapy experienced in Dr. Panet’s office was pleasant. There was some pain involved with the injections but Dr. Panet took great pains to minimize the discomfort. Each step of any procedure was explained.

K.S., Paramedic

I met Dr. Panet when I accompanied my 20 year old daughter on her appointments to see him due to a severely injured ankle. As a result of her success I decided to try Prolotherapy myself.

I injured my left shoulder several years ago and rest, physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise or any combination of the above never completely resolved the issue. In fact, my shoulder would improve with treatment, but one wrong move and I would be right back at square one again. And again. And again.

I started Prolotherapy earlier this year. I go once a month for a series of injections into my left shoulder. I rest the shoulder as much as possible and let the treatment do its work. I should note that I do not like needles at all. Getting past my fear of needles was the biggest hurdle I faced in deciding to try Prolotherapy. Honestly, I would have tried anything. My shoulder was painful doing something as simple as washing my hair. The worst was at night, because any time I rolled over onto my left side the pain would wake me up. I couldn’t lift anything substantial and I definitely couldn‘t lift anything over shoulder height. I am still in the process of seeing Dr. Panet, but the worst of the pain in my shoulder is gone

I would strongly recommend not only this form of treatment, but Dr. Panet himself. He is warm, friendly, and genuine. His ‘bedside manner’ more than makes up for the needles! Actually the needles are surprisingly painless.. They are really thin; I’ve had worse reactions to mosquito bites. Thank you Dr. Panet for giving me the use of my left shoulder back and improving my quality of life!




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