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November 1st, 2009

I have had lower back problems/pain on and off since about age of twelve.  I have tried specific exercises, chiropractic, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and massage, but nothing had the effect that prolotherapy has had for my back.  It was recommended by both my doctor and physical therapist that I get prolotherapy for my lower back.  At the time, there was only one doctor in the greater Seattle area who performed prolotherapy, and it was much more expensive as well more painful than the more skilled doctors of this technique in Canada.

Dr. Panet is friendly and made me feel very comfortable.  He spent a considerable amount of time during my first visit getting to know me and understanding what issues I was experiencing.  I like that he explains what he is doing and what to expect.  I was sore after my first visit but was able to drive 3.5 hours back to Seattle, and I was less sore after subsequent visits.  After five or six visits I really noticed a difference.  I was no longer having any lower back pain and my back felt much more stable.

In addition, Dr. Panet was able to help me with some shoulder pain I was having.  I was told by a different doctor that I had tendonitis; however, after just a couple of prolotherapy treatments I noticed a difference.  Since Dr. Panet is so thorough, he began asking me more about the headaches I was getting on a monthly basis.  They had previously been diagnosed as migraines by a neurologist.  Within minutes, Dr. Panet was able to recreate the pain by pressing on different areas of my head and neck.  He was quite confident that he could help me with my headaches.  I was relieved and asked if he could do something about it right then.  After just one treatment, I no longer get headaches on a regular basis. 

I have recommended Dr. Panet to several friends, family and co-workers.  Although his office is not close to where I live, his expertise and skills are definitely worth the drive.  I highly recommend him and will continue to let others know what a huge impact he’s had on my health and well being.



January 2009

After my first visit with Dr. Panet, I felt better than I had in years.  I had left hip and left thigh pain of varying intensities for more than twenty years.  It would become less intense until I exerted myself and then it would flare up again.  My left leg and left knee were the ones I’ve fallen on and injured over the years.  I also severely twisted my left ankle in my early twenties. 

On my first visit in October 2007, Dr. Panet performed one of the most thorough examinations I have experienced.  He took the time to find where the injury-caused weaknesses were, and then explained clearly what prolotherapy is and how it can help repair ligament damage and then relieve the pain.

The needles are sometimes painful; however, Dr. Panet’s technique is so professional and reassuring, and the results so good, that I’ve easily accepted a small amount of short duration pain for long-term gain.

I’ve seen Dr. Panet each time I’ve visited Vancouver (family) with my last treatment in January 2009.  My pain has gone down significantly.  Now, I have many days with no pain.  I also have better movement.

Along with the prolotherapy I have active release technique therapy in Ontario where I live.  This has helped break down the scar tissue from these old injuries.  I believe that this has helped make the prolotherapy treatments even more effective.

Dr. Panet is passionate about his work.  It shows in his ability to find the cause of the pain and treat it effectively.



September 30th, 2009

My back and hip problems originated from a work incident in the early 1990’s which resulted in a herniated L4/5 disc as well as other structural and ligament damage. Through the years I have tried to maintain an active life style but have constantly been struggling with the pain and dysfunction of my injuries. The additional related dysfunction that my RPT identified was pelvic asymmetry and compensatory scoliosis, hip range issues, weakness in the hip flexors etc.

In 2007 these dysfunctions caught up with me and started to limit my activities forcing me to cut out any strenuous activity and even limited house and yard work. As an avid mountain climber, backcountry skier, cyclist, this was a severe setback. Core strengthening, deep tissue massage and IMS all helped to a certain degree. Sandi my RPT decided more sustainable results could be obtained by referring me to Dr. Panet and to try prolotherapy.

After 5 sessions of prolotherapy over the fall and winter of 2009 I began to see some significant improvements. When followed up with deep tissue massage, stretching and IMS to deal with the muscle memory, things all seemed to fall into place. By April I was able to start ski touring again, as my fitness improved, I tried some long hikes in the Kokanee range. Eventually by July I was able to do a 14 hour day with over 7000 feet of net vertical, this was followed a week later with a 5 day climbing trip in the Bugaboos, then a 2 day rest then 2 days of peak bagging in the Valhalla’s. The rest of the summer I managed a full schedule of weekend hikes and climbs culminating with a long day up Mount Begbie near Revelstoke which included approximately 6800 feet of vertical gain and return in less than 12 hours.

Overall I am extremely happy with the results of my return to an active life style. I haven’t felt this good in years. The prolotherapy is the core reason for this and the follow up physiotherapy, massage and IMS session were key also. I will continue to use a combination of these treatments to maintain my current progress.

Big thanks to Dr Panet for professional and friendly care and to Sandi , RPT for directing my recovery in a caring and professional manner between and after the prolo sessions.

Trail, BC

I was referred to Dr. Panet by a massage therapist that I had been seeing to relieve my severe low back pain.  He told me Dr. Panet was “The Best”, and that with my hypermobility issues he thought prolotherapy would help me out. I figured this was just another doctor I could write in “my book of doctors” that had not helped me one bit. I had seen them all!  Chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists and even cranial sacral therapists; nothing was improving and most of the time the pain was worse after a treatment.  I was told to exercise to strengthen my weak areas.  I swam 4 times per week and did the exercises faithfully everyday.  There was no sign of improvement.   Life was over and I became the person watching other people live, laugh and have fun and all I could do was watch; the feeling of being trapped was overwhelming. 

I finally gave in after the 3rd summer of being in pain.  I took the chance and drove to Vancouver to see Dr. Panet.  I was most impressed with his pleasant mannerism and the way he made me feel at ease in his office.  He pinpointed the exact areas of pain I had been experiencing and explained that due to being so hypermobile my ligaments and surrounding tissues were lax and needed to be tightened.

 The injections were painful at first but not unbearable.  I have been seeing Dr. Panet for over 2 years and I actually look forward to going for a treatment because I know I will see gradual improvement over time.  No more Advil, Tylenol or muscle relaxants and days lying on the floor.  Dr. Panet is skilled, precise and portrays a confidence in his field of work that I have never experienced before.   

I now work 2 jobs and can sit without pain.  I can walk for long periods of time and have the mobility I never thought I would have again.  I have improved by over 75% and hope that with over time things will just keep getting better.  
Thank you Dr. Panet for giving me my life back, and for giving me the hope of being well that no one else could.  Prolotherapy has been an absolute Miracle! 


October 2009

I have been an athlete since I was 10 yrs. Old. I have exercised on a daily basis until I started to experience back pain about 6 yrs. ago. After suffering for a few years I was recommended to a neurosurgeon and was told I had three degenerative discs in my neck and to keep up on building muscle. In the last two yrs. The flare ups were happening more often and much more severe to the point I wasn’t able to sleep, I was having daily headaches and mood swings were a common thing for me. I owned and operated a very physically demanding business and due to the pain I had to close the doors. Exercise of any form was impossible as it seemed to aggravate my back. It didn’t matter what Dr.’s I spoke with not one had answers for me, just temporary relief. I wasn’t ready to accept this as my future so I starting doing research online. I found prolotherapy and spoke with my chiropractor about this treatment, he then recommended Dr. Panet. I have now done about seven treatments, three to four weeks apart and can’t believe how quickly I got relief. I would say I’m already 75% better. I’m sleeping through the night, my friends & family have noticed a huge difference in my moods (for the better). I am now doing hot yoga 4 times a week, I’m back to scuba diving and most recently got my license to be a race car driver and have been in as many races as I can fit into my schedule!  Dr. Panet is so knowledgeable, caring and very gentle. He always explains what he going to do and why. My hope is that more health care providers will start recommending prolotherapy to chronic pain sufferers. I am so pleased with my progress and owe it all to Dr. Panet !   


T.H.  Car # 26 & 68

Once upon a time I was a competitive soccer player.  At age of 21 I injured the left side of my hip.  I didn’t go to the doctor but my injured hip joint seemed to be healed after a few weeks.  At that time I lived in Czechosolvakia. 

Everything appeared to be fine until 1992 when this time I already in Canada I re-injured my hip for the first time.  That was repeated a number of times in the following years.  The injuries were so severe that I had to stay in bed each time up to one week long before I could start physically working again.  Whenever I could tried to carry heavy loads more on my uninjured right hip.  Then, in 2007 I also injured my already overtaxed right hip.  I realized that it is time for a radical action.  In my research about healing modalities I came across prolotherapy technique as a possible solution and help in my years long suffering. 

I contacted Dr. John Panet.  Right after the first treatment it became clear to me that I’m on the right track and that I can hope not only for reinstated joy of life but also for significant extension of active years in my profession.  It was in April 2008 when I experienced the taste of Dr. John Panet’s healing needles for the first time.  Now at the end of September 2009, after twelve treatments, it is evident that I have made the right decision.

Both sides of my hip joints improved significantly.  No more severe pains upon awakening, no more painful bending tying my shoes, and no more lumbago attacks coming in the evening or right after work.  I’m aware though that this specific area will always be a weak spot. 

Overall I can say that prolotherapy in the hands of Dr. John Panet has proven to be a blessing for me from the sky because without his treatments I would not be able to work and generally enjoy the life I do now.  With pain the quality of life goes hopelessly down. 

Thank you Dr. John Panet for your expertise and accurate needle work.

West Vancouver

October 8th, 2009

Ever since my car accident in March of 2006 when I got whiplash I have had neck pain.  I tried massage therapy which helped my stiff shoulder muscles but didn’t do anything for my neck.  I then tried the chiropractor which relieved some of the pain but only for the short term.  Sometimes after treatments I would be ok for a month or two but then it start to hurt again.  Recently the pain has become worse and my chiropractic treatments have had only stopped the pain for a few days after.

I wake up throughout the night several times because of pain.  Sometimes it’s so severe that it feels like the right side of my jaw was out of joint and my right side  of my face feels numb and tight.  When I sit up in bed I have to crack my neck from side to side to release the tension before I can go back to sleep.  I’ve tried everything from sleeping with no pillow, to obus form pillows to foam pillows.  I have about five different pillows that I use through out the night depending on how I feel at the time.  Nothing gives me a good night sleep.  When I wake up in the morning before I get out of bed I have to crack my neck again.

Constantly, through out the day I stretch and crack my neck.  It feels like my joint has slipped out of line.  If I push on the joint it relieves the stabbing pain temporarily.  It makes popping and cracking noises continuously throughout the day.  I don’t have full range of motion if I tilt my head back. My shoulders become stiff as well and I feel a lot of tension in my neck and upper back, sometimes into my jaw and face.  I occasionally get tension headaches.

I’ve been without pain since my last treatment for the most part.  Occasionally when I am driving and get stressed it triggers it a little but the pain doesn’t last.  I would highly recommend  prolotherapy to any one with chronic pain.



 My complaint was the difficulty in moving my right arm through its full range of motion.  Because of an old injury to my rotator cuff I was unable to properly throw a football or baseball.  I also had recurring pain in my left knee above the patella.

Prolotherapy treatment changed my symptom patter and ability to function.  I am now able to throw a ball with no problem or pain.  I had just given up on the idea of throwing overhand again.  My left knee still aches with supra patellar pain at times but not as often or with as much intensity.

My prolotherapy experienced in the office was pleasant.  There was some pain involved with the injections but Dr. Panet took great pains to minimise the discomfort.  Each step of any procedure was explained.



September 2009

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.  I was looking for a little relief for chronic back pain.  What I found was an improved quality of life.  I really did not notice how years of chronic back pain had slowly but surely evaporated my enthusiasm for the active lifestyle I once had.  This has been one of the best investments I made in recently years and one I am sure even the very best ivy league schools could quantify.  Thanks again.


 I first went to see Dr. Panet at the beginning of 2007. I desperately hoped he could help me with my knees. Both were causing me a great deal of pain and discomfort. I was always a very active person, but with the way my knees were I could barely walk, let alone run, hike or climb.  Every step was painful. I had to walk slowly and deliberately. If I didn't my knees would click, snap, crackle and slip. It was very discouraging. I couldn't do anything. I had previously seen a physiotherapist, acupuncturist and an orthopaedic surgeon. The orthopaedic surgeon prescribed knee braces, but he said that they would only help to stabilize my knees and that there was nothing else he could do. He basically said that I would have to learn to live with it. The physio helped a little, but it was very very slow going. And even after it seemed like we were making progress it would take only 1 little missed step or sudden turn and I was back where I started.
My first impression of Dr. Panet was a very positive one. After only 15minutes in his office I felt confident that I was in good hands. He truly seemed to understand my problem and how to deal with it.

 I started the treatment that day, and came back to see to Dr. Panet every 3 weeks after that for the next 6 - 8 months. We then moved the treatment to once every 3 months, and then eventually every 6 months.

 It's now been just over 2 and a half years since I first went to see Dr. Panet and I am a completely new man. Actually, I should say I'm back to the way I was. I can run, I can ride, I can climb, I can do everything I used to be able to do. And I do it all completely pain free. My knees don't snap, crackle, pop or slip anymore. Life is good again!

 For those considering this form of treatment but are concerned about the   needles, you need not be. Dr. Panet is very caring and gentle. He explains everything he is doing, and he always asked how I was doing. I really didn't find the injections to be that uncomfortable. Some hurt more than others, but most didn't hurt at all.

Thank You John!


September 5th, 2009


I was a forty six year-old male who suffered a shearing of the left sacroiliac joint in the fall of 2006 when I was knocked onto the pavement by a car while cycling to work.  Prior to this injury I was an avid trail runner and commuting cyclist (3000-5000 km per year), regularly taking part in trail and road ultra marathons.

This injury left me with unable to bear any significant weight on my left leg, forcing me to minimize walking and completely stop running.  After nine months of physiotherapy and acupuncture, I had stabilized and improved my core muscles to a point where the pain was manageable, but the sacroiliac joint was still moving.  My physiotherapist admitted that she had reached the limit of her abilities to fix the problem.  My family doctor could offer no other solutions, and estimated  that there was a more than 50% chance that I would never run another ultra marathon again.  So I began investigating other options.

While researching my injury, I came across references to prolotherapy.  After reviewing the literature, I found Dr. Panet’s website and read all the testimonials.  After consulting with my family doctor, I booked an initial consultation with Dr. Panet.

I found Dr. Panet to be very professional and knowledgeable about my injury.  After two sessions of 8-10 injections, both my physiotherapist and I noticed that my SI joint had begun to stabilize, and I was not feeling as much pain.  I ended up getting about thirteen sessions over an eighteen month period, and Dr. Panet adjusted the injections at each session according to my rate of improvement.  I began running carefully on a treadmill, then progressed to some easy trail running in the fall of 2008.  So far this year, I’ve completed a 50 km Trail race, a 4 km open-water swim and an Olympic distance triathlon.  I also just signed up for the Subaru Ironman Canada 2010  triathlon.

Dr. Panet has a great bedside manner and really makes an effort to understand the underlying mechanism of the injury.  Given the areas he was working on in my lower back, the injections were quite painful (but nowhere near as painful as not being able to run), but Dr. Panet made every effort to minimize my discomfort.

If you have a similar injury that is not responding to physiotherapy, I highly recommend getting a consultation with Dr. Panet.




July 6th, 2009


I have had problems with my right knee for many years.  After physical exercises, the back of the knee went into spasm, sometimes for a couple of days.  In fitness classes I could not fully bend my knee during floor exercises and at times could not fully straighten out my leg.  Since the winter downhill skiing season of 2007 / 2008 I have taken Ibuprofen on skiing days.

Unfortunately I was only able to go downhill skiing after the treatment started.  Most likely due to the treatment and the great skiing conditions, my knee felt wonderful without medication.  Starting in the spring we have undertaken a lot of work to improve the drainage around the house and renovate our garden.  Due to having had the knee problem for many years, I automatically use the good left knee when working with a spade.  I have been able to shovel gravel, dig heavy and wet soil, and carry pails of
Gravel / earth for long periods of time.  On the exercise side, I am now able to fully bend my knees.  Any symptoms from over exertion disappear by the next day.

Dr. Panet took sufficient time to listen to my problems and consider my lifestyle.

I cannot see any way in which my Prolotherapy experience could have been improved.

A good part of my general physical fitness is due to my Pilate classes.  The Prolotherapy has rounded out this improvement in a wonderful way.  I was diagnosed with a shorter leg at age of eighteen and have had scoliosis since then.  This is the first time I am in control of my back and as a senior I am now the strongest I have ever been.



West Vancouver



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